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Ep. 29: The Wartime Presidency (w/Secretary Spencer Abraham)

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the bold actions President Trump needs to take in order to address the convergence of pandemic, the economic crisis, and the financial crisis. Calling in is Secretary Spencer Abraham to discuss the impact the market fluctuations have on America’s energy sector. or listen here… 


Ep. 28: Black Thursday

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the massive market contraction that follows up Black Monday after President Trump’s address to the nation the night prior. or listen here…


Ep 27: Come As You Are, Bring What You Have (w/Darrell Issa)

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller are joined in studio by Former Congressman Darrell Issa to discuss the administration’s response to the Wuhan virus outbreak. or listen here…


Ep 26: A Brief Reprieve, Then Back to Reality

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the tax relief President Trump announced in response to the coronavirus pandemic in conjunction with the market meltdown. Also discussed is the bloodbath Bernie Sanders will walk into on “Mini Tuesday” in Michigan at the hands of Joe Biden. or listen here… 


China Concealed Extent Of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says

China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials. The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret, and they […]


Wuhan Residents Dismiss Official Coronavirus Death Toll: ‘The Incinerators Have Been Working Around The Clock’

Wuhan residents are increasingly skeptical of the Chinese Communist Party’s reported coronavirus death count of approximately 2,500 deaths in the city to date, with most people believing the actual number is at least 40,000. “Maybe the authorities are gradually releasing the real figures, intentionally or unintentionally, so that people will gradually come to accept the […]


China’s President Feeling The Pressure From Dissent in Own Party

President Xi Jinping is under growing political pressure from within the ranks of the ruling Chinese Communist Party over his handling of the coronavirus crisis. An open letter circulating online since last week calls for an emergency, expanded meeting of the Politburo to discuss “Xi’s issues” and to decide if he should step down from his […]


‘We’ve Had Enough Debates’: Biden Puts Planned April Event In Doubt

Joe Biden squashed the likelihood of an April primary debate, despite Bernie Sanders’s campaign hinting he wants to go head-to-head with his rival one last time. “My focus is just dealing with this crisis right now. I haven’t thought about any more debates. I think we’ve had enough debates. I think we should get on […]


President Trump’s Approval Hits All-Time-High In Gallup Poll

Last week, approval of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus surged in an ABC News poll, with 55% approving and 43% disproving. Just a week prior only 43% approved, with 54% disapproving. Similarly, a poll from Morning Consult from just four days before ABC’s poll found that 47% of voters approve Trump’s coronavirus response, while 43% […]

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