Episode 850 – Hunter Biden is Still the Bag Man … Biden and the MLB Sell Out to China

The Father of the Virus Lies on Neil Cavuto War Room’s in-studio co-host for the day Dr. Peter Navarro fact checks Dr. Fauci’s lies on Fox News. Stephen K. Bannon rips Fauci for lying that he has “nothing to do with the border,” when he is running the U.S. response. “You’re shutting down churches, you’re […]

Episode 849 – Woketocracy … How to Beat Corporate America’s Assault on American Liberties

The People Must Rise War Room reacts to police shutting down religious services around the world over Easter weekend. Christian filmmaker Jason Jones praises the Polish pastor in Canada who kicked out Nazi cops trying to shut down his church. Dr. Peter Navarro, who is in-studio for the full show, says what’s going on is […]

Episode 848 – Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race Part 2

Techno Utopianism  Part two of War Room’s special on transhumanism begins with a deep dive into Techno Utopianism with Mark Jeftovic, CEO of EasyDNS. Jeftovic explains how there “is no such thing as artificial intelligence.” AI stands for “algorithmic imitation.” Nevertheless, Google’s executive vice president is dreaming of a world ruled by “super AI.”  Follow […]

Episode 847 – Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race Part 1

Good vs. Evil Stephen K. Bannon kicks off War Room’s special Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race explaining its importance and why it is the next phase of globalization. CEO of Gab Andrew Torba peels back the many different layers of transhumanism, and explains why it boils down to a good old […]

Episode 846 – The Crown Prince of White Privilege … Hunter Biden’s Latest Scandal

Hunter Biden: The Crown Prince of White Privilege War Room mourns the loss of a Capitol Hill Police officer and wonders if the media coverage will be consistent after the suspect was revealed as a Nation of Islam follower.  Boris Epshteyn and Dr. Peter Navarro react to the latest Hunter Biden soap opera interview. Navarro […]

Episode 845 – An Infinite Bioweapon … How the CCP Virus Weakened the Church and How to Fix It

How Can Rome Be Shut Down? Stephen K. Bannon questions how Rome can be shut down during Good Friday and Easter. Italian journalist Maria Luisa Rossi says the question alone is “an act of freedom” Italians do not enjoy right now. The situation in Italy from its third covid lockdown is “dire.” “I see uncertainty, […]

Episode 844 – Good Friday … Rome Sits Empty and American Elite’s Ties to CCP Revealed

Good Friday  Father Robert McTeigue, Maryland Province of Society of Jesus Host and producer of the Catholic Current, kicks off War Room on Good Friday with a prayer for the nation. Father McTeigue explains the importance of Good Friday, when Jesus Christ died for humanity’s sins. Plus, hear how Father McTeigue got into radio and […]

Episode 843 – The Deep Church … Fraud and Fines Against Christians in Maricopa County

Dominion Blinked Radio host John Fredericks reports on a novel thing in politics: Republicans growing a spine in Georgia. Fredericks says members of the state legislature are no longer afraid of Stacey Abrams. And the Deplorables are fed up with woke corporations like Dela, who won’t let anyone on a plane without an ID but […]

Episode 842 – War on Terror 2.0 … The FBI’s Orwellian Tool Targeting MAGA

Lawlessness on the Border Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila reveals new footage of busloads of illegal aliens being trafficked into the country with no ID. Avila updates on the cartel operation, which he said is being aided and abetted by the Biden regime. Cognitive Superpower Kim Quatela, principal of Regina Pacis Academy in Connecticut, […]

Episode 841 – Dr. Fauci’s Permission Slips … Marjorie Taylor Greene on Vaccine Passports, the Border, and Corporate Communism

Marjorie Taylor Greene Backs Gaetz Rep. Greene joins War Room for the full hour, and starts by defending Rep. Matt Gaetz because she’s seen plenty of fake news before. Until there is concrete evidence, Greene says, “I won’t believe it because I can tell you from experience, just because it’s a headline and it says […]

Episode 840 – Fighting Back … LA Grandmother takes on the Unions and Matt Gaetz vs. the Deep State

Fighting Back Lydia Friend, of Women of Watts, is leading a lawsuit to get children back in the classroom in Los Angeles. “It’s horrible,” she said. “The babies aren’t even sitting 10 to 15 minutes, let alone 30 minutes” during virtual classes. Friend says the school closings are a major factor in the recall of […]

Episode 839 – Scientific Proof … Mike Lindell’s New Documentary on the Stolen Election

A Great Day in the War Room Navarro first hour. Mike Lindell second. The My Pillow CEO explains all things “Frank,” his new social media platform. The cross between Twitter and YouTube is out the week of April 12th, and can’t be cancelled by the tech oligarchs. Frank Speech: Coming Soon The Economist: The Brutal […]

Episode 838 – Winnie the Pooh, Tedros, and Tony Fauci Walk into Wuhan … How Taxpayers Financed the CCP Virus

War Room says Dr. Fauci and Peter Daszak are not going to be able to hide from the truth much longer. Dr. Peter Navarro explains why the WHO’s Daszak should be a registered foreign agent, and how Tony Fauci used your money to create the CCP virus. Tucker: Why Are Scientists and U.S. Intelligence Protecting […]

Episode 837 – Bad Samaritans … Left-Wing Groups Aid Cartels on the Border

Bad Samaritans Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports left-wing organizations are aiding the cartels on both sides of the U.S. border. Bergquam said groups like No More Deaths hand out maps for supplies that cartels use for drug and human trafficking.  WATCH: Leftists Aiding and Abetting Cartel Drug Traffickers in AZ Follow @BenBergquam Lexit  […]

Episode 836 – No Sanctuary in a Church … Mask Police Attack Pregnant Woman in Texas

The Problem with Bureaucratic Scientists Raheem Kassam says we’re just starting to peel back the layers of Tony Fauci and Peter Daszak’s involvement with the Chinese Communist Party, Bianca Gracia, president of Latinos for Trump, reports the Biden regime is building a massive new detention center for unaccompanied minors in Carrizo Springs, Texas. “We have […]

Episode 835 – Open Borders Murder … CCP Virus Strains and Sociopath Fauci

Where is the GOP? War Room wonders where the opposition is to the Biden regime and a Capitol city that is descending into anarchy. “I don’t really know where the fight is,” said Stephen K. Bannon. Raheem Kassam reports there have been 93 carjackings in Washington, D.C. already this year, after 130 in totality 2 […]

Episode 834 – Fourth Surge … The Fauci Virus and the Ghost of Stacey Abrams

They Don’t Call Him Creepy Joe for Nothing War Room reacts to Joe Biden’s latest bizarre press conference, whispering maniacally about the vaccine. “I know they call him creepy Joe, but man what is he doing?” said Stephen K. Bannon. “It’s bizarre.” Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, says Border Patrol agents are […]

Episode 833 – The House That Fauci Built … The CCP, the WHO, and the NIH in Wuhan

Fauci’s Mask Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveals behind the scenes West Wing conversations that prove Dr. Fauci is a fraud. Fauci told the White House “masks don’t work,” in the early stages of the pandemic and wasn’t trying to preserve personal protective equipment. ‘A Complete Heisman on Anything That Was Not […]

Episode 832 – Rewriting Pandemic History … Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci Lie About President Trump’s Response

Rabbi Spero’s Prayer for the Nation Rabbi Aryeh Spero gives a powerful prayer for the nation at the start of Holy week. “These are times that we are being tested and yes it will require a leap of faith,” he said. Get the book: Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit Revisionist History  Mark Meadows […]

Episode 831 – Black Box Voting … Ending Voter Fraud in Machines and By Mail

Fauci is Petrified Stephen K. Bannon reveals why Tony Fauci is petrified and the smoking gun that reveals his involvement in gain of function research in Wuhan. The Mail-In Jig is Up John Fredericks, host of Outside the Beltway, says the left’s meltdown over the Georgia voter integrity law proves there was fraud last November. […]


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