Sanders Sends Democratic Establishment Into Panic Mode

Moderate Democrats watched in horror as Bernie Sanders soared to a landslide victory in Nevada. It wasn’t the win that was surprising — it was the walloping Sanders gave his opponents, his ability to dominate among Latino voters, and the momentum he gained moving into South Carolina and Super Tuesday. The performance sent already worried […]


CBS News Poll: Most Voters Expect Trump Will be Reelected

Whether or not they’re voting for him, 65% of registered voters nationwide think President Trump will definitely or probably be reelected, including more than a third of Democrats who think so. Republicans are especially optimistic: more than 9 in 10 expect him to win. Still, potential head to head matchups with all the major Democratic […]

south carolina

Post and Courier: Just How Important is Winning South Carolina to The 2020 Candidates? We Rated Them.

No one wants to lose in South Carolina. But the seven active Democratic presidential candidates on the state’s Feb. 29 primary ballot have different needs out of South Carolina. (Michael Bloomberg is taking a pass on the state.) Some 2020 hopefuls are in must-win territory in the Palmetto State, while others just need a solid […]


BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Wins The Democratic Nevada Caucus

Sen. Bernie Sanders will win the Nevada Democratic caucus, NBC News projected Saturday, strengthening his early pole position in the race for the presidential nomination. Nevada Democrats chose their presidential favorites in a test of whether 2020 White House hopefuls can extend early success — or earn enough support to even stay in the race. […]


Nevada Caucuses to Kick Off Amid Fears of — And Plans to Avoid — A Repeat of Iowa Debacle

The Nevada caucuses, the third contest in the 2020 Democratic primary and a first test of candidates’ support among a more diverse electorate, will kick off here soon, with Democrats across the nation closely watching how voters choose — and hoping the event doesn’t resemble the disaster that struck Iowa’s nominating contest earlier this month. […]


What to Watch For in The Nevada Democratic Caucuses

Nevada’s highly anticipated caucuses are the first hurdle 2020 Democratic presidential candidates need to overcome to prove their bona fides with a more diverse electorate than Iowa and New Hampshire. The third state contest, the first in the West, also presents the seven contenders whose names will appear on caucus cards across Nevada — Joe […]


Nevada Independent: While A Sanders Victory Seems Likely, no One Knows How Nevada’s Democratic Caucus Will go Otherwise

Four years ago, almost to the day, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took the stage at the Henderson Pavilion to announce that he had lost the Nevada caucus. But he was, surprisingly, upbeat. That’s because Sanders, with his quixotic, longshot campaign calling for a political revolution, had only lost to Clinton, running with the full force […]

Twitter suspends 70 Bloomberg-boosting accounts for violating company policy

Twitter suspends 70 Bloomberg-boosting accounts for violating company policy

Twitter is reportedly suspending 70 accounts, some of which are backed by Michael Bloomberg’s campaign, that have posted identical messages in support of the Democrat’s presidential bid, calling the content “platform manipulation.”


‘Taking No Chances’: Nevada Dems Hire Massive Call Center to Avoid Caucus Meltdown

Nervous about another fiasco like Iowa’s, Democrats here and nationally are going to extra lengths to try to avoid a breakdown in the caucus process that could delay results on Saturday. Nevada Democrats have hired a professional call center with 200 paid operators and dedicated reporting lines to help take in results from caucus sites […]

Bloomberg dismisses past comments as 'a joke.' NDA shows plaintiff barred from offering differing view.

BREAKING: Bloomberg to Release Women Who Complained About Him From Non-Disclosure Agreements

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will release any of the women who previously agreed to non-disclosure agreements because of complaining about him. Bloomberg, who is running for the Democratic nomination, acknowledged that his company Bloomberg LP agreed to three NDAs specifically regarding his conduct, and that any of them will be released from […]

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