Border Security is National Security by Vernon Jones

It was a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of June in Arizona. The temperature reached 100 degrees, but it felt more like 110. I was sweating and uncomfortable, walking with a group through the desert near the southern border in Pinal County. But the scorching heat was the least of my concerns. I was far […]

Lancet Medical Journal Better Lawyer Up For Lying To The American People

The Lancet, revered as the medical journal authority, has fallen from grace as fast as Dr. Anthony Fauci and for the same reason. Both were dishonest with the American public about Covid-19. Doubling down on that depravity was when Lancet publicly endorsed Joe Biden for President, which the first for the once respected journal to […]

Bernie Kerik Says There’s Explosive News Coming Out Of Georgia

Former NYC Commissioner, who has been involved in the investigation into the stolen election, particularly, in Georgia explains the ‘Secret Weapon’ that’s going to unravel the fraud in the state. “The ‘secret weapon’ in Georgia right now is this civil litigation that’s getting to the bottom of the fraud,” Bernie Kerik said. “There’s going to […]

Americans Across The Country Fight Back Against The Poison In Our Schools

American parents are taking on school boards across the country in a righteous fight to get the ‘poison’ that is Critical Race Theory’ out of schools. A large majority of the most outspoken on this toxic curriculum are African American moms and dads. Parents don’t want their kids taught to hate America as well as […]

Fauci Is In Panic Mode Right Now, Melts Down In Recent Interview

Dr. Fauci has been all but banished from mainstream news as his credibility is being called into question. He’s now making the interview rounds on podcasts, wherever he can get them. Since he’s become kryptonite to Democrats who spent months praising him, he’s now on what seems like an excuse tour to try to cover […]

Kerik: Trump Won By Over 1 Million Votes In Key State

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik explained on Steve Bannon’s War Room Monday morning that, based on his analysis, he believes Donald Trump won by 1 million votes in Pennsylvania and they squashed it. He added that a  forensic audit there is going to be the most substantial of any in the country. “Why Pennsylvania different […]

Cortes: We’re Going Back To The 70’s In Not a Good Way

“Joe Biden and his minions on Capitol Hill are spending America into a ditch and they are borrowing and spending too much without the Trump growth plan.”

Bannon predicts a massive new crisis coming to America

“We’re in a time right now with a government that has its foot on the pedal driving us over a cliff. Not only are we going to have a Constitutional crisis about Nov. 3, we’re going to have a capital and financial markets crisis because they are destroying the dollar as we speak.”

Bannon Warns Of Inflation Trade – You’re Going To Pay For It

“Inflation trade is the rigged system that they’re going to use your pension fund money and they’re going to make a trade that they cream off the best trade and you are going to pay for it.”

Was Jan. 6 The Result Of An Intelligence Set Up

Darren Beattie: Was January 6th the result of an Intelligence failure or was it the result of an Intelligence setup?

Mike Lindell Announces ‘Cyber Symposium’ Exposing Election Fraud Evidence

Mike Lindell Announces ‘Cyber Symposium’ Exposing Election Fraud Evidence

Soy Boy Reporter Tries To Attack Mike Lindell And Gets Owned

Mike Lindell was confronted by a reporter at a recent event he held that didn’t go as planned for the liberal journalist when Lindell didn’t back down.

Powell Exposes Corrupt Federal Prosecutors And How They Target Innocent People With Fake Crimes

Sidney Powell said she saw prosecutors make up crimes by piecing parts of two different statutes together and hide evidence that showed people were innocent. Federal prosecutors are absolutely corrupt. Later, in her interview, she dropped the bomb on getting down to the bottom of November 3rd, saying that nobody else should be elected until […]

Pastor Artur Pawlowski: Now is Time to Fight Biggest Communist Takeover in History

Hero Pastor Artur Pawlowski joins War Room in studio and warns the West is facing the “biggest mafia communist takeover” in history. “It’s like the repetition of the movie and it’s not a good movie,” said Pawlowski, who grew up in communist Poland and whose grandparents fled the Nazis. “This is the biggest communist takeover […]

Bannon: The Apes Are in ‘Holy War’ Against Corrupt Wall Street

Stephen K. Bannon went on an epic rant explaining how traders known as the apes are in populist holy war against Wall Street. “This is not about economics, this is not about finance,” Bannon said on War Room, Monday. “This is about power.” Bannon reveals how Wall Street is trying to protect its corrupt system […]

Greitens Goes Inside Maricopa County Audit: Most Transparent in ‘History of Republic’

Eric Greitens reveals inside details from his trip to Maricopa County to observe the forensic audit. “Unlike the lies that are being pushed by the mainstream media, you see there is tremendous integrity in this process,” Greitens told War Room, Monday. Greitens says the establishment recognizes, “If they don’t have the ballots, they don’t have […]

Mike Lindell Announces Major Cyber Forensics Symposium to Expose Stolen Election, CCP Can Sit in ‘Front Row’ With Kemp, Ducey

Mike Lindell announces he is holding a cyber forensics election symposium in July to expose the stolen election with the best white hat hackers in the world. “We’re in a race against time,” Lindell said. “I’ve decided to move everything up.” Lindell said before he takes the case to the Supreme Court, he will air […]

Antifa EXPOSED: Jack Posobiec Reveals Money Trail of ‘Largest White Extremist Group’ in America

Jack Posobiec, author of the “definitive book” on antifa, exposes the radical left-wing group’s money trail. “One of the largest white extremist groups in America is antifa,” Posobiec said. “There’s no question about it.” Posobiec reveals who funds antifa, how organized the radical group is, and how we’re actually winning the information war against them. […]

Bannon Blasts ‘Wimp’ Merrick Garland for Trying to Block AZ Audit: ‘Take the 3:10 to Yuma’

Stephen K. Bannon went off on “wimp” Merrick Garland for threatening criminal charges for patriots in Arizona carrying out a legitimate election audit, Saturday on War Room. “Why don’t you book the 3:10 to Yuma?” he said, after state senator Wendy Rogers put Garland on notice that if the DOJ touches a ballot, he will […]

Bannon: Corrupt Biden DOJ Will Face Criminal Charges If They Touch Arizona Ballots

Stephen K. Bannon put the Biden regime on notice if they intervene in the Arizona election audit, they will face criminal penalties, Saturday. Bannon said Biden’s DOJ “hit the panic button” Friday afternoon over the election audit, as Merrick Garland held an emergency conference threatening he will not hesitate to disrupt the constitutional audit in Arizona. […]


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