War Room: ‘Great Reckoning’ Coming for Fauci, Media on CCP Virus

Raheem Kassam reveals what former New York Times writer Nicholas Wade’s article questioning the origins of the Chinese Communist Party virus means: a great reckoning is coming.  “There’s a shift underway, principally on the Wuhan lab and also the vote,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The walls will close in,” Kassam said. Kassam said the truth about the […]

New Evidence in Antrim County: 1,061 Votes Not on Voter Rolls, 100% ‘Turnout’ for 80-Year-Olds

Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney, said his election fraud lawsuit discovered new evidence of voter fraud in Antrim County. “We discovered 1,061 votes that were counted in this election that do not appear in the actual voter rolls in the state,” he told War Room, Saturday. “Near 100 percent voter turnout of people ages 65 – […]

Mike Lindell: ‘I’ll Give Dominion a Little Scare. We Have the Machines’

Mike Lindell returns to War Room and announces a third documentary on election fraud: Absolute Cover Up. “This is the biggest cover up probably in history,” Lindell said of the stolen election. “It’s so massive.” Lindell says evidence shows Donald Trump won Arizona by at least 80,000 votes, and puts Dominion on notice. “I’ll give […]

War Room: Club for Growth is ‘Club for Globalists’

Stephen K. Bannon and Peter Navarro take the mask off the Club for Growth and reveal why they are going after Elise Stefanik. “The hypocrites in the Club for Growth have only one thing in mind: the growth of net worth of the biggest most wealthiest people in this country,” Bannon said on War Room, […]

National Border Patrol Council Endorses Stefanik to Replace Cheney

Elise Stefanik is wracking up endorsements to dethrone Liz Cheney from GOP leadership. Boris Epshteyn recapped the endoresements, which includes President Trump, the National Border Patrol Council, and former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik. Epshteyn said the endorsement of the National Border Patrol Council, led by Brandon Judd, is particularly important to the MAGA movement. The […]

‘Right Over the Target’: Arizona Senate Unmoved By Biden DOJ’s Attempt to Disrupt Election Audit

State Sen. Sonny Borrelli said the Department of Justice’s bullying to try to stop the Arizona election audit is giving patriots trying to get to the bottom of Nov. 3 more resolve. “We’re right over the target,” he told War Room, Friday. Borrelli said the Biden DOJ letter sent by Pamala Karlan is more “garbage” […]

Navarro Praises Stefanik, Says McCarthy ‘Has Got to Go’

Peter Navarro praised Elise Stefanik’s interview on War Room as her “coming out party” for MAGA, and said Kevin McCarthy should be disqualified from leadership because he backed Liz Cheney. “It basically was her coming out party to the MAGA world,” Navarro said. “Anybody who listened to that saw a supremely intelligent individual who is […]

REVEALED: The Critical Race Theory Extremist Running Biden’s MAGA Purge From the Military

Darren Beattie reports on Revolver’s latest bombshell exposing the man behind the MAGA purge from the U.S. military: Bishop Garrison, a far-left, BLM-supporting, critical race theory zealot. “This guy is a critical race theory zealot, a huge proponent of the notorious 1619 project, huge proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement, proponent of all kinds […]

Giuliani: DOJ is a ‘Secret Police’ for Biden Regime

Rudy Giuliani warned War Room the Department of Justice is being used as a “secret police” for the Biden regime, and Democrats are trying to turn America into a one-party communist state. Giuliani eviscerated the Biden regime’s threatening letter to Arizona, trying to intimidate the election audit that is finally examining the actual ballots and […]

Elise Stefanik: Working Class is Key to the President Trump-Expanded GOP

Rep. Elise Stefanik pointed to the working class as the future of the Republican Party. Stefanik, who could soon replace Liz Cheney as GOP Conference Chair, credited President Trump with expanding the party. Cheney has mocked the working class expansion that President Trump ushered in. Stefanik, however, said the average American is key to the […]

‘What Are the Democrats So Afraid Of?’: Stefanik Backs AZ Election Audit, Unlike Cheney

Elise Stefanik backed the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, asking, “What are the Democrats so afraid of?” In a wide-ranging interview on War Room, Thursday, Stefanik said election integrity is on the top of her agenda, so Americans can have confidence in elections after what happened on Nov. 3. “I fully support the audit […]

‘Disgusting Hypocrites!’: Bannon Goes Off on Compromised Biden Regime Going After American Hero Giuliani

Stephen K. Bannon went off on the “disgusting hypocrites,” and “completely revolting” compromised Biden regime going after Rudy Giuliani.  Giuliani returned to War Room, Wednesday, and announced a major bombshell. The feds started spying on Giuliani the very same day he became President Trump’s attorney in May 2018. Before his appearance, Bannon gave his support […]

Evidence: Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security in Michigan

Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney in Michigan, revealed the forensic evidence shows Dominion voting machines had an unauthorized implant installed to circumvent its own security features. DePerno said forensic images obtained in December 2020 show machines were connected to the internet, and evidence of “even remnants of foreign connections.” “We’re the only case in the country […]

CORRUPT: Feds Began Secretly Spying on Giuliani on May 1, 2018 — The SAME Day He Became Trump’s Lawyer

Rudy Giuliani revealed the federal government secured a covert warrant to spy on him the exact same day he became President Donald Trump’s attorney. Giuliani told War Room, Wednesday, the secret warrant was secured on May 1, 2018 — meaning the government had access to the President’s most personal and sacrosanct communications with his lawyer […]

Sen. Hawley Warns America Falling into Aristocracy, Says Big Tech Must Be Broken Up

Sen. Josh Hawley says America is becoming the aristocracy the Founders warned against, and must act quickly to reassert our Constitution. Hawley said Facebook extending President Trump’s ban is a “case study” in monopoly. They aren’t worried about the 74 million (plus) Trump voters, because they have no competition. “This board isn’t independent of Facebook,” […]

Bannon: ‘America Did Not Transform China, China Transformed America’

War Room exposed how elites — on the left and right — made the wrong bet on China, and allowed the Chinese Communist Party to steal America’s prosperity. “America did not transform China, China transformed America and the West,” Bannon said, Tuesday. Clyde Prestowitz, the author of The World Turned Upside Down: America, China, and […]

Bannon: Kevin McCarthy is in Play

Stephen K. Bannon said not only is Liz Cheney’s time up in Republican leadership, so could be Kevin McCarthy’s. After an epic take down by Tucker Carlson exposing McCarthy’s close relationship with liberal Google lobbyist Frank Luntz, Bannon said there is an opportunity to replace the Republican’s RINO leadership with America First fighters. “Kevin McCarthy […]

‘Those Are Our Ballots’: NH Voter Integrity Group Vows to Hire Jovan Pulitzer After Board Rejects Will of the People

New Hampshire voters will hire their own auditor after the Windham election board defied the will of the people and selected the controversial group Verified Voting for the election audit. “Those are our ballots,” Marylyn Todd, founder of NH Voter Integrity Group, told War Room. “Prove to us that you guys have nothing to hide. […]

BOMBSHELL: Fauci and NY Times Move Goalposts, Say U.S. Will NEVER Hit Herd Immunity to Push Covid Shots

Dr. Tony Fauci and the New York Times admit they have moved the goalposts again and now say the U.S. will never reach herd immunity. War Room deciphered the mixed messaging from the father of the virus and the high priest of scientism: it’s about getting experimental gene therapies into arms. “They don’t address anything […]

Mike Lindell Blasts Newsmax for Caving to Dominion: ‘They’re Going to Be Very Embarrassed’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell blasted Newsmax for settling their lawsuit with Dominion, saying the news channel is going to regret its decision. “I can’t say how disappointed I am in Newsmax,” Lindell told War Room, Monday. “Why would they give in? It’s one thing to settle, don’t say that there’s not evidence.” “They’re as […]


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