Smoking Gun: Why the Wuhan Animal Lab is Likely Source of Weaponized CCP Virus Covid-19

Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, reveals the smoking guns for why the most likely source of the virus was another institute in Wuhan: the animal lab. The Wuhan Institute of Virology was not conducting experiments on animal primates in 2019, but the level 3 facility the Wuhan University […]

REVEALED: Dr. Shiva Exposes How the U.S. Government Uses Twitter to Target and Silence Political Dissidents

Dr. Shiva revealed how the U.S. government is using Twitter to suppress speech of political opponents. “There’s some big illusion that Twitter is this massive corporation that does stuff on their own,” Shiva told War Room, Tuesday. “What we’ve shown is that the government tells them what to do.” Shiva, who was kicked off of […]

Mike Lindell Says His ‘Royal Flush’ of Election Fraud Evidence Will Make it to the Supreme Court By July

Mike Lindell explains how he gets his “Royal Flush” of election fraud before the Supreme Court by July. “It happened in every state, Steve,” he told War Room, Tuesday. Lindell said he is coordinating other states besides the battlegrounds to demonstrate widespread fraud and an attack by China on the election. “We’re getting these Attorney […]

Mike Lindell to Confront Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey Over Election Fraud

Mike Lindell will confront Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp in person about election fraud. The two governors are hosting a meeting on voter integrity, despite their actions to allow their states to be riddled with voter fraud. Lindell is also attending the meeting Tuesday evening. “I hope I get [Kemp] one-on-one tonight and say why?” […]

Jim Hoft: Fauci is ‘the Rat in a Trap’

Jim Hoft, of the Gateway Pundit, reveals why Dr. Fauci is now the rat in a trap. After Fauci’s disastrous interview with Politifact, Fauci is now admitting he lied to Congress. “He actually switches his answer, at first he says it’s preposterous,” Hoft said, of Sen. Rand Paul’s assertion that Fauci funded gain of function […]

Gen. Arbuckle: ‘The Nation is in Deep Peril,’ on Path to Marxism

“I became increasingly concerned about what was going on after the inauguration,” Gen. Arbuckle said. “Where we were running down that road towards socialism and Marxism.” “The nation is in deep peril,” he said. “Instead of upholding our Constitution and all it represents we’re doing the opposite.” Gen. Arbuckle also explained how cultural Marxism is […]

Finchem on Media Hysteria Over Maricopa Audit: ‘Haven’t Seen a Meltdown Like This Since Chernobyl’

Mark Finchem says Big Media’s meltdown over the Maricopa County election audit is the worst he’s seen since Chernobyl. “The fact that Politico has gone into pure meltdown, they’re either afraid of what they don’t know, or they’re afraid of what they know,” he said. Finchem reacted to the Politico screed against patriotic Americans who are […]

SHOCKING Report: CCP Researchers Infiltrated US Biowarfare Lab Through NIH, Fauci ‘is Toast’

Dr. Lawrence Sellin, COVID-19 subject matter expert and Colonel U.S. Army reserve, reveals a massive bombshell: Chinese Communist Party researchers infiltrated USAMRIID, America’s top bioweapons lab. “The People’s Liberation Army has always been interested in infiltrating USAMRIID, but it was hard to do,” Sellin told War Room, Monday. “So what they did starting in the […]

Fulton County Election Audit: ‘People Are Going to Jail’

John Fredericks explains the gravity of the Fulton County election audit, saying “people are going to jail” if thousands of suspected counterfeit ballots from Nov. 3 is proven. “They’re looking to expose counterfeit ballots,” said Fredericks. “You can’t get away from this.  “People are going to jail,” he said. “That’s how big this is, the […]

Bannon: Biden ‘Bleeding Out Political Capital’ Because We’re Getting to the Bottom of Nov. 3

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Joe Biden is “bleeding out political capital”: we’re getting to the bottom of Nov. 3. The uniparty is in an ongoing meltdown over audits that actually check the ballots and machines. Bannon said the more truth that comes out about the election, the less the Biden regime can do. “There’s not going […]

Pastor: Cultural Marxism Has Infiltrated the Black Community

Pastor Stephen Broden told War Room Marxism has infiltrated the black community and must be stopped. “There is an authentic threat to our liberties and our freedoms through Marxism and communism that is coming into our community,” Broden said. Broden said in order to fight cultural Marxism, Americans must use the biggest influence they have […]

Vindicated: Dr. Yan Reacts to Big Media Retracting Smear Against Her and the Wuhan Lab Theory

Whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng joins War Room after Big Media outlets had to retract its smear against her and the Wuhan lab theory. “I’m happy to see that more and more facts have been verified and realize it came from the lab,” she said. “It came from the Chinese Communist Party.” “No lies are perfect,” […]

Meet the Only Candidate in Ohio Who Has the Guts to Say the Election Was Stolen From Donald J. Trump

U.S. senate candidate in Ohio Josh Mandel says he is the only man in the race who has the guts to say the election was stolen from President Trump. “I am the only candidate in Ohio who gets up and has the guts to say this election was stolen from Donald J. Trump,” he told […]

GOP Senate Candidate Jeff Bartos Supports Full Forensic Audit in PA

Jeff Bartos, businessman and Republican candidate for senate, told War Room he supports a full forensic election audit in Pennsylvania. “We need a full forensic audit in all the states where we had issues,” he said, Friday. “And Pennsylvania certainly had issues.” Bartos said he is running for senate to “save main street Pennsylvania,” to […]

‘They’re Scared to Death’: Mark Finchem Says Uniparty Knows Ballot Count Won’t Match Voting Machines in Arizona

Arizona State representative Mark Finchem says what the uniparty really fears the forensic audit: the ballots and the machines aren’t going to match. “They are scared to death of the actual physical ballot count,” he said. “We now have a clue into what it is that most terrifies them. And that is the physical ballot […]

Bannon Reacts to Joe Scarborough’s Meltdown: ‘We Are Breaking Them’

Stephen K. Bannon explains why Joe Scarborough’s Friday meltdown is the sound of patriots’ winning. The “complete and total meltdown” on Morning Joe about the Maricopa County audit that is actually looking at the ballots and machines means the ruling class knows they’re in trouble.  “They’re losing it,” Bannon said. “We are breaking them. And […]

‘There’s Power in Numbers’: Mom Stands Up Against Kid Mask Mandate in Scottsdale

Beth Ann Hnat, a mom in Scottsdale, Arizona, joins War Room after she and a group of concerned parents stopped a school board meeting to oppose mask mandates. “We need to really start getting loud and telling these school boards that they do not have the power over us as parents,” she said. “And they […]

J.D. Vance Says Jan. 6 Commission Could Be a Blessing Or a Curse

Author J.D. Vance said he supports a Jan. 6 commission — as long as it includes smart conservatives interested in the truth. Vance told War Room conservatives need guarantees “we’d have the right people on our side.” “If you get five establishment Republicans it would be a disaster,” he said. “If you can get [Bannon], […]

J.D. Vance Reveals How to Hit Woke America Where It Hurts: Their Wallet

Author J.D. Vance joins War Room and explains how to hit the corporate anti-American elites where it hurts: their wallet. “The elites in this country are fundamentally global, they’re not national,” he said. “In some cases they’re actively at war with American history.” “What we often miss is their most powerful weapon is the fact […]

Matthew Lohmeier Speaks Out: Critical Race Theory ‘Fundamentally Transforming’ Military, Teaching Patriotism is ‘Evil’

Matthew Lohmeier joined War Room for an in depth discussion on his successful Air Force career — until he was fired for speaking out against Marxism in the military. Col. Lohmeier exposed his unjust firing for doing an interview on his new book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American […]


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