REVEALED: How Bill Barr and Chris Wray Blocked Trump From Going After Antifa

Jack Posobiec previewed his new book on antifa on War Room, Tuesday, revealing how Christopher Wray and Bill Barr blocked President Trump from going after the domestic terror group. FBI Director Wray “shrugged his shoulders and did nothing,” Posobiec said. “Meanwhile he turned around and look what he’s done to the people of Jan. 6.” […]

Historian Patrick K. O’Donnell Reveals the Moments America Was Almost Lost on Memorial Day and the Heroes Who Saved It

Historian Patrick K. O’Donnell joined War Room on Memorial Day to recount the many miraculous events in America’s history where the young country was saved by the ultimate sacrifice of its heroes. O’Donnell revealed America’s version of the Battle of Thermopylae, the Battle of Brooklyn, where through defeat the revolutionary war was saved in August […]

Combat Vet and Congressional Candidate Joe Kent: We Must End Endless Wars

Chief Warrant Officer and Gold Star Husband Joe Kent says the first thing he would do in Washington, D.C. is end the endless wars, and calls for a global war on terror monument on the national mall. “It’s absolutely incumbent that we end the endless wars,” he told War Room on Memorial Day. Kent, who […]

Gold Star Husband Joe Kent Tells Heartbreaking Story of Wife Shannon Kent Killed in Combat by ISIS

Chief Warrant Officer Gold Star Husband and congressional candidate Joe Kent gave a touching tribute to his wife Shannon Kent, killed in combat by ISIS, on Memorial Day. Shannon Kent used her immense intelligence and communications skill with special operations to hunt terrorists, and was deployed numerous times with special operations. “Shannon Kent was killed […]

Bannon Hits CCP, Fauci, and Media: ‘This Blood Will Not Wash Off Your Hands’

Stephen K. Bannon rips the Chinese Communist Party, Tony Fauci, and the corrupt media for covering up the origins of the virus. “The blood will not wash off your hands,” he said on War Room, Saturday. “You can say all these snarky things about Peter Navarro all you want. Bannon said a reckoning is on […]

Navarro Reveals the ‘Fauci Body Count’

Dr. Peter Navarro returns to War Room after accusing Dr. Fauci of being the biggest mass murderer in history — and has the receipts to back it up. Navarro says Fauci is responsible for 13,000 deaths during AIDS epidemic; between 20,000 to 40,000 for blocking hydroxychloroquine; and millions for funding the gain of function research that created […]

Bannon Blasts Elites for Making Deplorables Pay for Their Own Destruction

Stephen K. Bannon went off on the elites for setting up a system in which the Deplorables underwrite their own destruction. “We’re paying for the greatest existential threat in the world,” the CCP, he said on War Room, Saturday. “The scam is that they are central to the economic system of the world — set […]

Retired Generals Warn: ‘We Are in Great Danger of Losing Our Republic’ to Marxism Without a Single Shot Fired

A group of retired flag officers continued their battle cry that America is on the verge of falling to Marxism. War Room against hosted numerous brave generals and admirals who signed onto a letter warning America must wake up to the fact we are under a communist revolution. “We are in deep peril,” said General Joseph Arbuckle. […]

Congressional Candidate Chief Jarome Bell: Those Involved in Election Fraud and Woke Companies Working with CCP Should Be Tried for Treason

Chief Petty Officer and congressional candidate Jarome Bell said anyone involved in election fraud or working with the Chinese Communist Party should be tried for treason and executed. “The state attorney generals need to indict and charge everyone involved in this election fraud,” he told War Room, Friday. “All you have to do is open […]

‘Genuinely Shocking’: Nigel Farage Exposes Massive Military Border Invasion Importing Thousands of Gang Members Inside the U.S.

It took Nigel Farage coming from the UK to dig into what’s really happening on the U.S. border. In Pinal County, Arizona it’s a full scale military invasion. “A nation must control its borders and decide who comes in or it’s not a functioning nation state,” Farage said. But what’s not being talked about is […]

Whistleblower Morgan Kahmann Reveals Vaccine Hesitancy INSIDE Facebook, Warns Big Tech Giant Using Its Power Over Information as a ‘Weapon’

Whistleblower and former data technician at Facebook Morgan Kahmann told War Room the Big Tech company is using its power over information as a “weapon” against the people. “The majority of people think they’re doing a good thing,” Kahmann explained, of Facebook’s mindset in censoring vaccine hesitant content. “There’s a small group of people who […]

‘Panic’ in Fulton County: Election Board Lawyers Up, Hires Criminal Defense Attorneys to Stave Off Audit

The Fulton County Election Board hired two high-profile criminal defense attorneys — at taxpayer expense — to stave off the election audit. “If you’ve stolen something and the evidence starts to come out, you start to panic,” John Fredericks told War Room, Friday. “That’s it.” Fredericks revealed one of the lawyers hired is Donald Samuel, “the […]

Navarro: ‘They’re Worried and They Should Be Because This Was a Stolen Election’

Dr. Peter Navarro told War Room’s Stephen K. Bannon the establishment is worried because they know the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump. “They’re worried, Steve,” he said, Thursday. “And they should be because this was a stolen election.”  Navarro, who revealed how states were stolen in his three volume Navarro Report, reacted to […]

Shocking Footage Shows Flood of Illegal Immigrants Crossing in Broad Daylight as Border Reaches ‘Tipping Point’

Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border in Del Rio, where the situation is out of control. “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen it,” Bergquam said.  Bergquam shared exclusive footage with War Room, which shows shocking amounts of illegal aliens crossing the border in broad daylight. “There is nothing stopping the […]

Giuliani Predicts Biden DOJ Will Intervene to Stop AZ Audit: They’re Trying to ‘Bury’ the Fraud

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani says it’s likely the Biden Justice Department will try to intervene to block the Arizona audit from concluding. And that will be a bigger admission of their guilt. “They have something to hide,” he told War Room, Thursday. “They’ve been fighting any investigation of the ballots, any examination of who voted, […]

Google Blocks Sean Parnell’s Campaign Website from Searches to Hurt His Senate Bid

Veteran and warrior Sean Parnell reveals Google is blocking his campaign website from searches from his name — in a bid to hurt his campaign for U.S. senate. “Google shut down the algorithm on my website and now you can’t find me on Google,” he told War Room, Thursday. “You can’t find my website. It’s […]

Rudy Giuliani: NY DA Trying to ‘Pin Crime’ on Trump, This is ‘What Happens in a Dictatorship’

Mayor Rudy Giuliani blasted New York for trying “pin a crime” on President Donald Trump, on War Room, Wednesday. “The AG of the state ran on the unusual platform of, ‘I’m gonna get Trump,’” Giuliani said. “And the DA works very closely with her. This is a vendetta. It should be illegal, if it isn’t […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Kevin McCarthy Won’t Sit Down With Me, Establishment ‘Fears Me Because I’m With the People’

Marjorie Taylor Greene returns to the War Room and reveals why the establishment fears her. “They fear me because they know that I’m with the people,” she said. “I’m not a politician.” Greene exposed GOP leader Kevin McCarthy for not holding a single meeting with her. McCarthy ran to virtue signal over Greene’s comments about […]

Mike Lindell Reveals Terrified ‘Cowards’ Kemp and Ducey Kicked Him Out of RGA Dinner, Then Lied About It

Mike Lindell reveals what happened at the Republican Governors Association (RGA) dinner, and says “cowards” Doug Ducey and Brian Kemp had him kicked out. Lindell was invited to attend the dinner Tuesday evening in Nashville, where he was going to confront the two governors for why they blocked airing of the evidence of voter fraud […]

WATCH: Samaire Armstrong Returns to War Room on Her Rebellion Against Masks in AZ

Actress Samaire Armstrong returns to War Room for an update on her fight against masks in schools in Arizona. The actress says, “I got more notoriety from being on War Room than from being on any of the television shows I have been on.” Parents “are done” with the masks, Armstrong said, and running to […]


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