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Ep. 29: The Wartime Presidency (w/Secretary Spencer Abraham)

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the bold actions President Trump needs to take in order to address the convergence of pandemic, the economic crisis, and the financial crisis. Calling in is Secretary Spencer Abraham to discuss the impact the market fluctuations have on America’s energy sector. or listen here… 


Ep. 28: Black Thursday

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the massive market contraction that follows up Black Monday after President Trump’s address to the nation the night prior. or listen here…


Ep 27: Come As You Are, Bring What You Have (w/Darrell Issa)

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller are joined in studio by Former Congressman Darrell Issa to discuss the administration’s response to the Wuhan virus outbreak. or listen here…


Ep 26: A Brief Reprieve, Then Back to Reality

Steve Bannon and Jason Miller discuss the tax relief President Trump announced in response to the coronavirus pandemic in conjunction with the market meltdown. Also discussed is the bloodbath Bernie Sanders will walk into on “Mini Tuesday” in Michigan at the hands of Joe Biden. or listen here… 


Bannon On Fox: Biden’s A ‘Globalist’ Who Champions ‘Managed Decline’

War Room: Pandemic host Stephen K. Bannon joined Jesse Watterson Fox News to discuss the 2020 presidential race. The former White House Chief Strategist slammed Joe Biden’s weak record on issues ranging from creating jobs and being tough on China, hallmarks of the Trump administration.


Bannon on Fox: Biden Is a Globalist, Can’t Win National Election

Former Chief Strategist of President Trump Steve Bannon joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning to discuss the latest developments in US-China relations and the 2020 election. Bannon argued that Joe Biden cannot win in 2020 because he is a globalist: “It’s the Wall Street elite and the global corporatist elite that sold out the […]


Steve Bannon on Hong Kong, Covid-19, and the War with China Already Underway

Since leaving the White House as chief strategist to President Trump in August 2017, Stephen K. Bannon has focused almost exclusively on China. He is a member and co-founder of the “Committee on the Present Danger: China.” He has formed an alliance with a Chinese fugitive billionaire named Guo Wengui, and his daily radio show, […]


Bannon On Fox: ‘American Jobs For American Workers’

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon hailed President Trump as the one politician capable of bringing back manufacturing jobs that have been siphoned off to China over the past several decades. During a Wednesday appearance on Mornings with Maria, Bannon told host Maria Bartiromo that Trump’s administration is ready to turn the screw on the […]


Kassam On Fox: Chinese Communist Party Has Infiltrated ‘Classrooms, Boardrooms, and Cutting Rooms’

War Room: Pandemic co-host and Editor-In-Chief of the National Pulse appeared on The Ingraham Angle to discuss Chinese Communist Party influence on American corporates, schools, and media. WATCH: Me on @IngrahamAngle tonight: “We used to look for reds under the bed. Well they’re in the classroom, they’re in the boardroom, and they’re in the cutting […]

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