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Episode 913 – Straight Out of 1984 … Rudy Giuliani on Biden’s Illegal Raid of His Apartment and Illegal DOJ Spying on President Trump (w/ Rudy Giuliani)

“This would have been a particularly unethical time to go in and spy on and emails texts and memorandum,” he said. “There isn’t much else you’re going to get.” Our guest is: Rudy Giuliani Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Aired On: 04/30/2021 Watch:On the Web: http://www.warroomorg.wpengine.comOn Podcast: http://warroom.ctcin.bioOn TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish […]

Episode 912 – Taking of the Swamp Goliaths … Kelly Tshibaka vs. Lisa Murkowski and Big Media Props Up Biden’s TV Ratings (w/ Kelly Tshibaka, Natalie Winters)

“This is not going to be acceptable to the American mother,” Bannon said. “The American mother wants to see data-based, evidence-based, science-based. That is going to build up a bigger head of steam than all this stuff they’re trying to sell now.” Our guests are: Kelly Tshibaka, Natalie Winters Stay ahead of the censors – […]

Episode 911 – On Borrowed Time … The Illegitimate Biden Regime, GOP Cronyism in GA, and Moms Fight Back (w/ Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Carrie Liebich)

“Twelve million more votes coming from the basement in Delaware?” he said. “This is why they’re plan is so radical, they know they’re on borrowed time.”  Our guests are: Cpt. Maureen Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Carrie Liebich Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Aired On: 04/29/2021 Watch:On the Web: http://www.warroomorg.wpengine.comOn Podcast: http://warroom.ctcin.bioOn TV: PlutoTV […]

Episode 910 – Not the End of a Wall, the End of a Country … Mike Lindell’s Rave Reviews on Jimmy Kimmel and the End of American Sovereignty (w/ Ben Bergquam, Mike Lindell)

“That’s the end of American sovereignty,” said Bannon. “This is Joe Biden saying no your sovereignty doesn’t matter, your health doesn’t matter.”  Our guests are: Mike Lindell, Ben Bergquam Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Aired On: 04/29/2021 Watch:On the Web: http://www.warroomorg.wpengine.comOn Podcast: http://warroom.ctcin.bioOn TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, […]

Rabbi Spero Delivers Powerful Prayer to Stand Up Against ‘Woke’ Evil

Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer on War Room, asking God to save America from evil. Rabbi Spero told War Room it is time for God fearing Americans to stand up and challenge the prevailing evil “woke” authority. “We ask you to help us, protect our children in school…from malevolent forces trying to take […]

‘We Have to Stand Up While We Still Can’: Hero Polish Pastor Calls for Civil Disobedience Against ‘Masked’ Gestapo

Artur Pawlowski, the Polish pastor running the Gestapo out of his church in Canada, joined War Room with a dire warning for America. After a SWAT team tried to unlawfully enter his church, Pastor Pawlowski warned America to stand up before it’s too late. “We need an army to rise up,” he said. “We need […]

Bannon Rips ‘Scum’ Bush and Rove: ‘Go Clean the Blood Off Your Hands’

Stephen K. Bannon ripped George W. Bush and Karl Rove on War Room, Saturday, saying they should “go clean the blood off” their hands. Bannon said the establishment GOP was “too cowardly” to stand up to Stacey Abrams and fight against the stolen election in Georgia. They were happy to spend $700 million, but not […]

Navarro: The Only Path is to Decouple From China

Dr. Peter Navarro said America must decouple from China. “The only path is to decouple economically and let the chips fall where they may,” Navarro told War Room, Saturday. “There is no diplomacy possible with China.” Decoupling is what Xi Jingping is afraid of, Navarro said. Xi recently called for a “new world order,” but […]

They’re Nervous: Rachel Maddow Freaks Out About AZ Election Audit Going Forward

Rachel Maddow is nervous about the Arizona election audit. Stephen K. Bannon and Dr. Peter Navarro explained on War Room why she should be. In an election decided by less than 11,000 votes, Arizona had over 254,000 potentially illegal ballots. Maddow gave a nervous warning about the audit on her show, Friday evening, because “they […]

81 Million Votes? Less Than 300 People Watch Biden’s Climate Summit on WH Feed

Joe Biden’s virtual climate summit garnered just 286 live viewers on the White House feed. War Room’s editor-in-chief Liz Harrington recapped day two of the virtual Great Reset. The conference featured America bashing and promoted China — the greatest polluter on earth — as a leader in fighting climate change. “If you really care about […]

‘There’s a Movement Happening’: 80,000 Christian Men to Gather Against Evil in U.S. This July

Ken Harrison, chairman of Promise Keepers, said a revival is underway among Christian men, who are “sick and tired of the evil” in America. Harrison joined War Room, Friday, to preview his massive gathering of 80,000 Christian men in Dallas this July. “There’s a movement happening,” Harrison said. Harrison says men are starting to stand […]

Democrats PANIC, File Emergency Order to Stop Checking 2.1 Million AZ Ballots

Democrats are in pure panic mode in Arizona, filing an emergency temporary restraining order to block the election audit in Maricopa County. The historic audit of 2.1 million ballots was set to begin Friday. However, Democrat lawyers waiting until the last minute to try to cancel the audit. “We’re going to get to the bottom […]

Citizen Free Press Celebrates 4th Anniversary, Kane Credits Loyal Readers for Success

Citizen Free Press founder and publisher Kane joined War Room on the fourth anniversary of his news aggregation website, and credited his readers for the site’s monster success. “Four years ago today a very important thing happened,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The beginning of Citizen Free Press.” Kane hasn’t taken a day off in four […]

Counter Vatican Conference Will Expose Marxist Great Reset Agenda

A counter-Vatican conference “Truth Over Fear” will air live to combat the globalist “Great Reset” agenda being promoted by Pope Francis. Patrick Coffin told War Room his online summit will expose the “tyranny in plain sight” surrounding the covid-19 pandemic. “Our Conference Truth Over Fear is going to give you natural and supernatural immunity to […]


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