Episode 905 – The Cheat Ratio … How Arizona Was Stolen and a Bipartisan California Recall

The Cheat Ratio Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the receipts in Arizona again. The “cheat ratio” reveals 24 times more illegal votes than the 10,000 vote margin between Trump and Biden. In Georgia, with over 600,000 illegal votes, the cheat ratio is 51 times the so-called Biden “victory” margin. Plus, look out for the “shroud […]

Episode 904 – Breaking Up the CCP’s Dinner Party … Boris Johnson on the Ropes and Boycott Beijing

Boris Johnson On the Ropes Raheem Kassam explains why Boris Johnson is on the ropes, with no love lost on the right. Plus, Kassam drills down on why French generals are putting Macron on notice and calling for martial law.  French generals who called for military rule if President Macron cannot stop ‘Islamists’ from ‘disintegrating […]

Episode 903 – The Diesel Dupe of Elections … The First Real Audit to Uncover Election Fraud and MAGA Takeover in SC

The First Real Audit Democrat progressive and Bernie Sanders supporter John Brakey returns for a deep dive into the Maricopa county election audit. The co-founder and director Audit USA explains why this is the first genuine audit since November. The Diesel Dupe of Elections Brakey explains the security and unprecedented transparency of the Maricopa audit. […]

Episode 902 – No Genocide Games … Boycott Beijing Olympics and How to Protect Silicon Valley West

MSM Cavorts in Total Meltdown  War Room follows the ongoing meltdown by the mainstream media over the historic Maricopa County election audit. Stephen K. Bannon says Arizona will prove Joe Biden is illegitimate. Matt Braynard, executive director Look Ahead America, explains what the new census data means for Republicans. Plus, Braynard reveals what to expect […]

Episode 901 – The New Divinity of Scientism … How America Abandoned Religion for Celebrity Scientists

Voting is Secret, Counting is Public Democrat progressive and Bernie Sanders supporter John Brakey joins War Room and breaks with the left on the Maricopa County audit. Brakey, the co-founder and director Audit USA, explains why the previous audits were not audits at all, and says voter integrity not a right or left issue. “We […]

Episode 900 – Masked Gestapo … The Push Back Against Medical Tyranny and Church Persecution

Prayer to Save America Rabbi Aryeh Spero delivers a powerful prayer to save America from evil. Stephen K. Bannon says look out for the bombing runs from the mainstream media against the Maricopa County election audit, as CNN smears the auditors. CNN’s drive by to smear Maricopa County audit  Get Rabbi Spero’s book: Push Back: […]

Episode 899 – Broken Window Election … Election Interference and How to Confront the CCP

Rove Scum Stephen K. Bannon asks the War Room posse for a name of who on the GOP side is as tough as Stacey Abrams. Bannon goes on an epic rant against George W. Bush and Karl Rove “scum.” Plus, Ben Bergquam and Jeremy Herrell preview Real America’s Voice Save America Freedom tour across Georgia, […]

Episode 898 – The Den Mother of Disinformation … Uniparty is Nervous About AZ Audit Revealing Stolen Election

The Uniparty is Nervous Stephen K. Bannon explains why Rachel Maddow sounds nervous. Dr. Peter Navarro joins in-studio and challenges Maddow to go through the receipts of election fraud. “What she knows in her bones is this election was stolen,” Navarro said. “It was stolen by Molly Balls’ team on TIME magazine cover, she named […]

Episode 897 – Showdown in Maricopa … Democrats Last Attempt to Cover Up Nov. 3

What Are They Hiding? Stephen K. Bannon calls out establishment Republicans for their “phony” play to use immigration against Biden. “This is about the sovereignty of our country,” he said. “It’s not about political games.” Boris Epshteyn reacts to breaking news out of Maricopa County, and corrects the record: Democrats did not get a temporary […]

Episode 896 – Ripping the Cover Off Rules for Radicals … Dems Try to Block Ballot Audit and the Covid to Climate Pivot

What One Person Can Do Citizen Free Press’s Kane reveals his new sports website Gutsmack — sports without the politics. Kane credits his audience for Citizen Free Press’s success, which averaged 77 million views last month. “I’m just there to keep the place from exploding,” he said. “It’s the readers. They’re the ones who are […]

Episode 895 – They Finally Blinked … Democrat Panic in Maricopa to Block Election Audit

They Finally Blinked War Room reacts to the establishment’s last ditch effort to block the audit of 2.1 million ballots in Maricopa County. The emergency temporary restraining order by Marc Elias and co. is a sign of desperation that Democrats really don’t want you to see the receipts of Nov. 3. Democrats Sue To Block […]

Episode 894 – Build Back Bad … Biden’s Virtual Great Reset and the Border Crisis

The World is Watching Arizona State Senator Sonny Borelli joins War Room on the historic day when 2.1 million ballots arrived at Veterans Memorial Coliseum for the forensic audit in Maricopa County. “If there was nothing wrong with the election they should be pleased as punch to say, ‘Hey prove us right,’” Borelli said. “If […]

Episode 893 – Thunberg-ism … The Great Reset at the Sistine Chapel

Sacrilege of the Sistine Chapel Raheem Kassam explains how the Facebook-CNN “fact-checking” disinformation machine works, and reveals when Alad Duke screamed at him for doing actual reporting. Stephen K. Bannon hits the Vatican for its sacrilege of the Sistine Chapel, mocking the “Creation of Adam” to promote its globalist health conference. Vatican Pushes Communist New […]

Episode 892 – Fiction Checkers … CCP Compromised Journalists Attack Frank Speech

‘Apocalypse Now Stuff’ Combat journalist Michael Yon reports live from Panama of the horrors at the start of Biden’s border crisis. Fourteen-year-old girls raped, dying pregnant women, Yon reveals how the illegal immigration system is destroying lives.  Visit: Michael Yon on Patreon CCP Compromised ‘Journalists’ Named and Shamed Natalie Winters dives into her blockbuster report […]

Episode 891 – Blow-Dried Hair BS … How the Media and Biden Distract From Their Compromise and Crisis

The Trucks Are Waved Through Natalie Winters and Raheem Kassam discuss the race-baiting industry and the lie of systemic racism. Todd Bensman, of the Center for Immigration Studies, reports live from Ojinaga, just outside Presidio, Texas, where adult single male apprehensions are up 365 percent. Systemic Racism is a Monstrous Lie Lebron James Targets Cop […]

Episode 890 – The Enemy Within … Marxists Run the Democrat Party and Globalists Run the Vatican

The Enemy Within Raynard Jackson, Black Americans for a Better Future, explains why he disagrees with Candace Owens, and says the 9 minute tape of George Floyd’s arrest was enough for a conviction.  David Horowitz knows a communist when he sees one, and explains why “systemic racism” is a “monstrous lie” worthy of the CCP. […]

Episode 889 – Powder Keg … The Systemic Racism Lie and Inside Look at Maricopa Audit

The Systemic Racism Lie Rudy Giuliani dismantles the lie of “systemic racism” and says it is propaganda for Democrat votes. Plus, America’s Mayor gives his assessment of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict, and says justice was served, but overdone. Visit: RudysCommonSense.com Feature, Not a Bug Rudy Giuliani reveals how voting machines were designed to manipulate […]

Episode 888 – Banana Republic … Chauvin Trial Reaction and the Ongoing Marxist Revolution

Inciting an Appeal? Real America’s Voice correspondent Tracey Anthony reports live from Minneapolis after Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all three counts of the George Floyd case. “Maxine Waters and Joe Biden may have intentionally intervened in this to drag this out,” said Raheem Kassam. Boris Epshteyn blames Maxine Waters for a likely future […]

Episode 887 – Big Media’s Next Propaganda Pivot … Lies About Lock Downs, Covid, and Climate

Pivoting from Pandemic to Climate Stephen K. Bannon exposes Big Media’s propaganda pivot from the pandemic to climate change. John Tamny, vice president FreedomWorks and editor of RealClearMarkets, exposes the fallacy of lockdowns. “If it’s lethal, you don’t need to be forced to stay home,” he said. Little Commie Greta Thunberg Has A New Issue: […]

Episode 886 – Antifa Commander Maxine … Marjorie Taylor Greene on Expelling Maxine Waters and a Debate vs. AOC

MAGA Vindicated The lies are falling apart from Jan. 6. Revolver.news, The National Pulse, and War Room were proven right, and MAGA is vindicated from the blood libel for the death of veteran Brian Sicknick. Now that we know Officer Sicknick’s death had nothing to do with Jan. 6, Darren Beattie says questions still remain about […]


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