Democrats, Republicans Agree: Punish China, Return Jobs, Manufacturing to US

China’s keeping the coronavirus secret from the world as the outbreak began has united Democrats and Republicans who now want the communist nation punished and exported American jobs returned to the United States. The anger is so high that three-quarters of likely voters in a new McLaughin & Associates survey want America’s trading relationship with China junked. […]


Legislator: Declare Virus Cover-Up ‘Act of Terrorism’ to Free Up $1TRN in Business Insurance Relief

Former Suffolk County prosecutor and New York Assemblyman Anthony Palumbo is urging authorities to consider declaring the coronavirus cover-up by the Chinese Communist Party an “act of terrorism”. The move, in addition to heaping up pressure on China, would free up funds at a time when Americans are suffering from the economic impact of the CCP […]


Hunter Biden’s Chinese Fund Helped Outsource U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Hunter Biden’s Chinese investment fund negotiated the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs in “one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company in history.” Like father, like son: the 2015 buyout was a continuation of then-VP Biden’s oversight on outsourcing millions of manufacturing jobs, chiefly to China. And while working class […]


WATCH: The CCP’s “Knowing Responsibility” for The Wuhan Virus and Pandemic


Sec. Pompeo Unloads on WHO & CCP: Alleges ‘Cover Up’, Destruction of Samples, And ‘Failure’

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused China and the World Health Organization of major failures at a press conference in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning. Pompeo – using the World Health Organization’s (WHO) own rulebook – slammed the Chinese Communist Party for not sharing relevant information about the coronavirus outbreak, and the WHO for […]


New Bill Would Require Warning Labels on Apps Made by China, Russia

Congress is considering new legislation that would require warning labels on smartphone applications made in countries the United States deems a national security threat, including China, Russia, and Iran. The legislation spearheaded by Rep. Jim Banks (R., Ind.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee, would require app store operators to inform Americans before they download […]


Bannon: Mark Cuban is an ‘Entrepreneurial Populist’

American business life is going to look significantly different after the coronavirus pandemic has ended, billionaire Mark Cuban said in a Monday interview on the War Room podcast hosted by Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller. “I think America 1.0 is gone. We’re going through a reset as we speak, and we’re getting ready for America 2.0. And that’s where the entrepreneurial […]


Navarro: China ‘Cornered’ PPE Market and is Now ‘Profiteering’

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro said during an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” that China “cornered” the personal protective equipment (PPE) market during the coronavirus outbreak and “is profiteering.” Navarro, who is also the National Defense Production Act policy coordinator, made the comment on Sunday reacting to a recent Fox News report, which cited multiple sources, that there is increasing […]


Support Surges in House for Bringing Back Supply Chains From China

Support for returning medical manufacturing from China to the United States is building in the House of Representatives, as lawmakers look to disengage from the country that gave the world the novel coronavirus. At least three proposals have emerged in recent weeks that would use government purchasing and regulatory authority to encourage production of pharmaceutical […]


Bannon on Fox: No Way Dems Can Beat Trump with Biden, He Might be Replaced

War Room: Pandemic host Stephen K. Bannon appeared on Fox’s Sunday Morning Future’s with Maria Bartiromo to discuss Joe Biden’s weak record on China and his dismal chance of beating President Trump in 2020. Bannon: Biden is by far weakest candidate on China @FoxNews @SundayFutures — Maria Bartiromo (@MariaBartiromo) April 19, 2020