HIGHLIGHTS: Dr. Peter Navarro Joins Steve Bannon at the Freedom Summit

Bannon: we have identified the #1 existential threat to the #FreeWorld & to #China's people: China's Communist Party.#CCPVirus #WarRoomPandemic #WarRoom2020 #FreedomSummit pic.twitter.com/EBnRl03UJk — War Room: Pandemic ☣️ (@WarRoomPandemic) July 27, 2020 [email protected]: when I see these signs saying "the #CCP lied, Americans died" like those we saw outside #China's #HoustonConsulate, it pains me that I […]

Break with China? Top Trump aide Navarro eyes an opening with coronavirus

Politico reports that President Trump’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy is leading the push to cure our dangerous dependence on China for essential medical goods: Peter Navarro, the leading China critic in the Trump administration, is seizing the moment. The White House’s director of trade and manufacturing policy and the administration’s other China hawks […]


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