Cortes: The Same Oligarchs on Wall Street are in Big Tech and Big Media

Steve Cortes explains how the democratization of information and unified action has given the little guy the power to take on Wall Street. The hedge funds don’t like it when the average investor gets to play their game, and are now changing the rules in the fourth quarter. “It’s like the Super Bowl in the […]

EP 638- Pandemic: The Next Day (w/ FogCityMidge, Kerick, Shines, Spiro and Cortes)

While YouTube announces broad censorship mandates for any channel discussing the election, Steve Bannon discusses the latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the latest updates on the state of the election. Calling in are FogCityMidge, Kerick, Shines, Spiro and Cortes. Sign up at for updates. Aired On: 01/07/2021 

Ep 125- Pandemic: China’s Rise is Our Demise (w/Kingsley Cortes)

Steve Bannon, Jack Maxey, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the globe continues to count a rising death toll, including Wuhan, China who’s death toll went up 50% overnight.  Calling in is Kingsley Cortes to discuss Joe Biden’s complicity in allowing China to rise to the detriment of […]

CORTES: Three Bold Economic Proposals for Virus Response

Today in RealClearPolitics, War Room: Pandemic and War Room: 2020 contributor Steve Cortes writes, “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.” Legendary Chicago architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham used those words more than a century ago to exhort a post-fire Chicago toward great renewal. His compelling words, combined with […]

Episode 1,009 – Biden’s Impossible Four Perfect Games … How the Case for Biden’s Victory is Statistically Impossible

Taking the Country Back Village by Village  Stephen K. Bannon highlights the growing push back against Marxist critical race theory and the political realignment underway. Raheem Kassam says people are starting to stand up because they know, “If I don’t do it now, there won’t be a time to do it in the future.” “It’s […]

Episode 989 – Welcome Back to the 1970s … The Worst Case Scenario Biden Economy and the CCP’s Bioweapon

The Worst Case Scenario Newsmax host Steve Cortes explains why America is headed for the “worst case scenario” financially. “It’s welcome back to the 1970s,” he said. “And I don’t mean in the good way, disco music and satin shirts. I mean in the worst way: stagflation.” Cortes reports last Friday personal income fell 13 […]

Episode 937 – The Rule of Law vs. The Rule of Men … How the Populist Movement Can Win

No One More Compromised Than Joe Rep. Claudia Tenney (R., N.Y.) joins War Room and talks about how to bring back jobs to the once Empire state. Rep. Tenney explained the appeal of Trumpism, and why the political establishment is obsessed with “cult of personality.” Plus, Rep. Tenney discusses the China threat, and Joe Biden’s […]

‘The Border is Blowing Up’: Worst Month for Illegal Crossings in Over Decade

Steve Cortes rips Larry Kudlow and Rep. Maria Salazar for calling for a “retreat back to a place of corporatist globalism within the GOP,” and incentivizing illegal immigration into the United States. “Our border is blowing up right now,” Cortes said, arguing the last thing America needs is amnesty and an infusion of cheap labor […]

Episode 770 – State-Sponsored Doxxing

State-Sponsored Doxxing Day 55 of the D.C. occupation that even Eleanor Holmes Norton thinks looks like a third world country dictatorship trying to keep the people out. First up, War Room recaps its special on the Global Rise of Anti-Semitism. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R., Colo.) joins the show on the dangers of H.R. 1 and […]

Navarro: Stock Market Crash, Inflation Coming in 2021

Dr. Peter Navarro said expect a stock market crash and inflation in 2021. Navarro discussed the “rot in the Biden economy” on War Room, Monday evening. The combination of open borders with the effects of lock downs on the economy will destroy the remnants of the Trump economy. “We’ve got severe structural unemployment, meaning that […]

Episode 759 – Affirmative Action for Defense Contractors

It’s TPAC Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and guest co-host Eric Greitens discuss the mask police at CPAC. John Fredericks has renamed it TPAC, because it’s all about Trump. Fredericks explains the mood in Orlando and why Ron DeSantis is the man to beat if President Trump doesn’t run again. Mitch McConnell ‘absolutely’ would […]

Episode 747 – MyPillow Fight

MyPillow CEO Michael J. Lindell joined Stephen K. Bannon with his first exclusive reaction to Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.3 trillion defamation lawsuit against him. Lindell discussed the MSM and social media’s harassment campaign against him, challenging them to have him on to air the receipts and present his side of the story. He said he […]

Bannon: Donald Trump is the 2024 GOP nominee

Stephen K. Bannon believes President Donald J. Trump will continue to lead the Republican Party until he becomes the nominee for President in 2024. “President Donald J. Trump has told his inner circle, ‘I am the presumptive nominee in 2024. I am the head of the Republican Party. I am going to take the Republican […]

Episode 730 – No Group Hug

No Group Hug War Room reacts to the uniparty’s unison anti-Trump message, and Stephen K. Bannon lays out his plan for the America First movement. “Mitch McConnell has got to go,” Bannon said. “He’s a poison.” Boston Herald: Bannon’s strategy is for Trump to run for Congress in 2022 and impeach Biden,: Trump will ‘lead […]

Episode 725 – The Second Front

The Tell War Room reacts to Ted Lieu’s Donald J. Trump struggle session, and Nikki Haley’s attempt to  roll into 2024. “She’s like the [John] Milton character in Paradise Lost,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “Ambitious as Lucifer.” Peggy Noonan clutches her pearls Not Wasting Your Time Bannon called the shot in October 2018 on the […]

Episode 705 – Referendum in 2022

The Real Referendum is 2022 Matt Gaetz explains how Liz Cheney remained in leadership, and where the Republican base goes from here. “The only way we win is if we’re worthy of winning,” Gaetz said, calling for a redo of the 2010 primary fights that made the GOP stronger. “Sometimes a reformation in our own […]

Episode 691 – Financial #StoptheSteal

The Next Phase of Populism Stephen K. Bannon explains the populist uprising on Wall Street is payback for the financial collapse in 2008. This is “Financial #StoptheSteal,” says Raheem Kassam, and just the next iteration of the populist nationalist movements that aren’t going anywhere. Boris Epshteyn updates on what the reddit rebels did overnight: “The […]

Episode 688 – A Populist Uprising on Wall Street 

Disintermediation War Room explains the disintermediation happening on Wall Street, and how political elites and the CCP have turned millennials into Russian serfs.  “This is what zero interest rates get you,” says Stephen K. Bannon. “You’re no different than Russian serfs.” Zero hedge Janet Yellen has made $7.2 million in speaking fees from Wall Street […]

Episode 676 – War Room, the Force Multiplier

This Audience is a Force Multiplier Steve Cortes joins War Room as co-host and reminisces about his former employer fake news CNN, which today War Room dwarfs in audience size. Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam gives an update on the open borders policies of the Biden regime. Cortes has the receipts on the strong […]

Episode 663 – ‘This is the Rally Point’

He Won: President Trump Gained 60 Points in Most Hispanic County in Nation Trump 2020 senior advisor Steve Cortes presents the strategy for how to protect the America First movement from an impending “carpet bomb” from the illegitimate Biden administration. Cortes shares more evidence on how President Trump brought working class Hispanic voters into the […]


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