Ex-NATO Head: Taiwan Can Help With the Coronavirus Pandemic

Former NATO Secretary General ANDERS FOGH RASMUSSEN writes about Taiwan’s unfair exclusion from the global health community in TIME. Eight hundred and fifty thousand of Taiwan’s 23 million citizens reside in mainland China. Four hundred thousand work there. At its narrowest point, the Taiwan Strait between the island and the mainland is just 130 km. […]

Taiwan, excluded from the WHO, rushes to the rescue with a super-fast coronavirus test; also helping Palau

Taiwan News is reporting that Taiwanese scientists have developed a rapid test for coronavirus. It isn’t yet clear if the FDA will work with Taiwanese authorities to roll the test out here in America. Taiwan scientists develop antibodies for 15-minute Wuhan virus test in 19 days TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Academia Sinica on Sunday (March […]

Taiwan, excluded from WHO, completes synthesis of potential coronavirus drug

Taiwan News reports on Taiwan’s herculean efforts to synthesize alternative sources of anti-virals, which is something Americans should be cheering for as we seek to diversify our medical & pharmaceutical supply chains away from a dangerous dependence on China. Taiwan completes synthesis of potential COVID-19 drug Favilavir has been used by Japan and China to […]


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