Illustration by Nikita Petrov

Steve Bannon and The Struggle for America’s Post-Pandemic Soul

Robert Wright writes the following at NonZero. Steve Bannon and The Struggle for America’s Post-Pandemic Soul When Steve Bannon got his White House pink slip in 2017, there seemed to be at least two lessons for anyone who aspires to stay in Trump’s inner circle for long. First, avoid being depicted on Time Magazine’s cover […]

HIGHLIGHTS: Dr. Peter Navarro Joins Steve Bannon at the Freedom Summit

Bannon: we have identified the #1 existential threat to the #FreeWorld & to #China's people: China's Communist Party.#CCPVirus #WarRoomPandemic #WarRoom2020 #FreedomSummit — War Room: Pandemic ☣️ (@WarRoomPandemic) July 27, 2020 [email protected]: when I see these signs saying "the #CCP lied, Americans died" like those we saw outside #China's #HoustonConsulate, it pains me that I […]


BANNON: China’s Communist Party Is Our Enemy… What We Must Do To Defeat It

WATCH: Bannon Accepts 2nd Annual Orwell Award

Special interview to Steve Bannon A special recognition is for Stephen K Bannon, ex head strategist of the United State's President. This prize is for his brilliant idea that consists in give importance to the majority of the people that don't express their opinions. In this way there are the basis for the growht of […]

Letter of Support to Stephen K. Bannon from Japan

Livestream: Bannon/Guo Tiananmen Anniversary Announcement

SPECIAL: Bannon on Zooming In: We’ll Be in a Kinetic War with China If We Don’t Win the Information and Economic War


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