Kassam On Fox: Chinese Communist Party Has Infiltrated ‘Classrooms, Boardrooms, and Cutting Rooms’

War Room: Pandemic co-host and Editor-In-Chief of the National Pulse appeared on The Ingraham Angle to discuss Chinese Communist Party influence on American corporates, schools, and media. WATCH: Me on @IngrahamAngle tonight: “We used to look for reds under the bed. Well they’re in the classroom, they’re in the boardroom, and they’re in the cutting […]

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KASSAM: A ‘Recipe for Disaster’: Dem Governors Demanded COVID-19 Patients Were Returned to Nursing Homes, Contributing to Thousands of Deaths

Calls to protect the elderly went unheeded by Democratic Governors Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, and Newsom, according to bombshell reports scarcely discussed by broadcast media outlets. These Democratic Party governors not only failed to prioritize the safety of vulnerable people in their state nursing homes, they appear to have willfully endangered those most at risk by […]

Kassam on OAN: US Right To Investigate Wuhan Lab, CCP Acts ‘Like They Have Something to Coverup’

War Room: Pandemic cohost and Editor In Chief of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam joined One America News to discuss the origin of the novel coronavirus.


KASSAM: Americans Back Trump on China, Demand Corporates ‘Pull Back’

New Harris polling has revealed a hardening of Americans’ views on China and how the Chinese Communist Party should be dealt with on the back of the coronavirus outbreak. Eighty-six percent say their opinion of a company improves if that “Company promises to relocate their manufacturing away from China and back to the United States”. That’s higher than […]

Should Bloomberg's Campaign Team Be Letting Him Take the Debate Stage?

Should Bloomberg’s Campaign Team Let Him Take the Debate Stage?

With the latest polling showing former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has qualified for Wednesday’s Democrat debate in Las Vegas, the War Room is asking whether taking the stage is a good move for the billionaire Presidential hopeful.

Kassam: Iowa was Bernie Sanders's to Lose

Kassam: Iowa was Bernie Sanders’s to Lose

On Episode 154 of War Room: 2020 Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller discussed what happened in Iowa for Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, Kassam noting Iowa “was Bernie’s to lose.”

Pierre Defecto: Romney Votes Against President Trump

Pierre Defecto: Romney Votes Against President Trump

On Episode 152 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed Mitt Romney’s vote against President Trump in the Senate impeachment trial. 

Farage: Chinese Money Has Corrupted the British System; Coronavirus Raises More Questions About China

Farage: Chinese Money Has Corrupted the British System

On Episode 145 of War Room: Impeachment Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller to discuss Chinese monetary influence in Britain and the coronavirus.


LISTEN – Kassam on Brexit and the Future of Global Populist Movement: ‘The Fight is Just Starting’

Former chief advisor to UKIP Leader Nigel Farage and War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam joined the Ed Martin Movement to discuss Brexit, impeachment, and the promising future of the global populist movement.  Regarding Brexit, Kassam states: “I was always of the belief that it would happen. The question for me was when would it […]


LISTEN – Kassam Explains How Bolton Reveal Should Lead to Trump Lawyers Using FULL Time for Defense

War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam joined the Frank Beckman radio show to discuss why President Trump’s legal team ought to use the full 24 hours to present their case in the Senate, an imperative Kassam outlined in a recent op-ed. He explained War Room: Impeachment’s consensus: “While the case as the Democrats laid it out […]