Ep 20 – Super Tuesday Special

Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam breakdown what should be expected on Super Tuesday now that Buttigieg and Klobuchar have dropped out of the race and are consolidating the centrist line around Biden. Calling in is Steve Bannon with the latest while he’s been on assignment. or listen here…


Ep 19 : Super Tuesday Eve and the Fight to Take Back the House (w/Darrell Issa)

Jason Miller,Raheem Kassam and Greg Manz discuss Buttigieg dropping out of the race on the eve of Super Tuesday, and calling in from California is Congressman Darrell Issa to chat about the exciting race in his district which will be crucial to Republicans to taking back the House of Representatives from the Democrats. or listen […]


Ep. 18: The South Carolina Primary is Here(w/ Harlan Hill)

Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam are joined in studio by Harlan Hill to discuss the South Carolina primary. Calling in to talk about the coronavirus is Steve Bannon. or listen here…


Ep. 17: Market Meltdown and Minnesota Matters (w/Jason Lewis)

Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller discuss the market meltdowns due to concerns about the coronavirus. Steve Bannon calls in to join the conversation about the pandemic. In studio is former Rep. Jason Lewis to discuss his run for Senate to represent the State of Minnesota. or listen here…


Ep 16: Biden’s Last Stand?

Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam are joined by European-American populist activist Matthew Tyrmand to discuss the latest on the market reactions to the coronavirus outbreak and Biden’s chances of staying alive past the South Carolina primaries. or listen here…. 


Ep 15: Fight Night Flops

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discuss the latest disastrous performance by the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates. or listen here…


Ep 13: South Carolina on the Horizon

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discuss the Democrat primaries, the focus of the candidates on South Carolina and what the picture going in to the nominating convention may look like. or listen here… 


Ep 12: Bernie has the Democrats on Their Back Foot(w/Sheriff David Clarke)

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam are joined in-studio by Sheriff David Clarke to discuss the momentous victory by Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses and how this will impact the remaining field as we march closer to the DNC Nominating Convention. or listen here… 


Ep 11: Malpractice Magnifies Mini Mike’s Shortcomings

Steve Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam discuss if Mike Bloomberg has a shot of making a comeback in the Democrat’s Presidential Primary after his disastrous debate appearance in Las Vegas. or listen here…


Ep 10: The Festivus Debate, Dems Air Grievances and Trash Bloomberg

Raheem Kassam, Jason Miller, Bill McGinley, and Steve Bannon discuss the fallout from the fiery Democratic Party debate last night.

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