On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment David Bossie, former deputy manager of the 2016 Trump campaign, joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller to discuss the most recent information that emerged during the impeachment hearings.

“If you go to all the mainstream media… every lead story is ‘bombshell testimony,'” Bannon noted.

“The bombshell, that everybody is calling a bombshell,” Kassam explains. “From Politico, to the Huffington Post, to Business Insider, NBC, all of these guys calling it the bombshell, the bombshell, the bombshell. And I guess that’s the phrase that was being briefed out by the Democrats and they’ve all happened to pick it up? [It] is this little addition, it’s very convoluted.”

“Ambassador Taylor, remember the star witness, gets up today and he says: ‘last Friday a member of my staff told me of events that occurred on July 26th’… He says this member the staff of his, that we know to be a guy called David Holmes, came to him just last Friday – this is after [Taylor has] already testified in the closed door deposition-”

Miller added: “After the transcript is out.”

Kassam continued: “After everything has happened. His staff member, who is a political counsellor at the Kyiv Embassy of the United States… [Holmes] says he overheard a conversation between Ambassador Sondland and President Trump that took place in a restaurant. And apparently he overhear both sides of this conversation that Ambassador Sondland was having on his cell phone. And apparently, according to this eavesdropper, President Trump was saying down the phone… about ‘the investigation.'”

“We’re supposed to believe that not only all of this took place and that Ambassador Taylor only learned about it last Friday, that this political counsellor just happened to forget it, that Sondland hadn’t mentioned it at all, that in the hundred conversations that Sondland and Taylor have had since July the 26th this never came up, but we’re now also supposed to believe that ‘the investigation’ that Trump was talking about on the call is the political domestic interference investigation into Joe Biden.”