White House Senior Adviser for Strategy Tony Sayegh joined War Room: Impeachment on Friday morning. He declared the mood in the White House to be “extremely bullish” on the impeachment process. Additionally, Sayegh predicted Speaker Pelosi may not remain in post after the 2020 election.

Decrying the impeachment strategy by House Democrats, Sayegh pointed to the bumper jobs numbers report from November. This, he suggests, is proof the Trump administration is getting on with the business of improving the lives of Americans.

“We’re extremely bullish,” he said. “We’ve been upbeat all along. We know the President’s done nothing wrong, and we know that whatever happens in this impeachment mess, the President will come out on top and win re-election in 2020.”

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Tony Sayegh lauded the President’s economy. He issued a warning to Speaker Pelosi about losing the House to Republicans in 2020 over what he called the “hyper partisan echo chamber of impeachment”.

Speaking of the seats that President Trump won in 2016 but lost in the 2018 midterm elections, he remarked:

“We keep saying thirty-one. There’s a lot of hyper partisan people in the list of thirty-one. So let’s reduce it to twenty-four. There’s twenty-four members. Thirteen of them are in districts that John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump won. So let’s start from the basis of those thirteen and move up.”

“Do you think they think their constituents sent them to Washington to vote to impeach the man that they put in Washington to help them? And help include them in the growth of our economy? As we talked about before: higher wages, more jobs, a lot better approach to our economic and national security. I think [impeachment] is a sure loser for Democrats.

He concluded the initial point:

“I’ll tell you this. Yesterday was the day. If they actually go forward with impeachment articles, Nancy Pelosi solidified the fact that she will not be Speaker of the House next year. Because the Democrats will absolutely lose the majority in the House of Representatives.”

Asked to elaborate on his prediction, WH advisor Tony Sayegh went on:

“We’ve talked a lot about USMCA. There’s other important business as well. We need a budget. We don’t have a budget in Washington. The most fundamental, basic obligation of our government is to fund the military. To make sure we have border security. To do all these essential things. We still don’t have a budget. And we have five or six legislative days left hyper, hyper monopolized by impeachment.

“We’ve talked about infrastructure. We’ve talked about a lot of these important issues. Border security and immigration reform. Why are we not moving forward on these? Donald Trump has been the most open minded person when it’s come to working with both sides to solve real, long standing problems. Instead [Democrats are] wasting this entire opportunity and squandering it on an impeachment only they care about. They ultimately will pay the price in November.”


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