On Episode 56 of War Room: Impeachment, business John Moran joined Stephen K. Bannon to discuss how impeachment is affecting America on the world stage.

Moran elaborated: “We’re sitting here with a new trade agreement that is pending, that is not being passed by Pelosi and her gang. It’s costing this country about sixty-eight billion dollars in economic benefit; tens of thousands of Americans that would be subject to better jobs and living standards being all held up. And in the middle of all of this, we’re trying to impeach a president while we’re in an economic war with China and many other direct competitors in the world.”

Bannon asked the businessman: “Do you think it shows the world that in this tough situation that we’re in, and particularly in China – do you think it shows the world American weakness, not American strength?”

“Absolutely,” Moran confirmed. “We should be supporting our President. We should be building him up instead of tearing him down. The President is doing a wonderful job for our country, he’s out there fighting everyday. He’s had many, many victories. He’s taken on forces that are everyday trying to hurt him.”