Rep Mike Quigley (D-IL) accidentally gave the game away on Anderson Cooper (CNN) recently when he declared the reason the Democrats are pursuing the impeachment of President Trump was because of changes to the way the political establishment has done foreign policy, not because Trump actually did anything impeachable.

Hosts of the impeachment show and podcast have noted this right from the get-go.

The permanent political class is pursuing Trump not because he’s done anything wrong, but because they disagree with him on changing U.S. foreign policy – something that is expressly in the gift of the elected U.S. president, and something President Trump ran on (and was elected to do in 2016).

After decades of failed interventions, wars, and imperialism across the world, the entrenched interests still refuse to change their ways, despite a President being elected to “drain the swamp” of their activities.

As Rep. Quigley admits: “…in the final analysis the real challenge here and real danger was we are changing longstanding U.S. policy, a policy [John Bolton] strongly agreed with, [Bolton] ought to come forward, [Bolton] ought to be at least as brave as the people who have come forward so far. And tell the American people what happened, why it matters and why it should never, ever happen again.”

Quite the admission from the Democrats: the President of the United States, in their words, should NEVER EVER be allowed to set U.S. foreign policy again.