War Room: Impeachment host and former CEO of the 2016 Trump campaign Stephen K. Bannon joined Andrea ‘AJ’ Catsimatidis of the Manhattan Republican Party at the Liberty Club in New York City.

Bannon covered a variety of topics in his discussion, including China and the threat it poses to the United States:

China is the greatest existential threat we’ve ever had as a country. Greater than Nazi Germany, Mussolini and… Japan, the Soviets. The reason is is that – and this is not the Chinese people. The Chinese people are some of the most decent, hard working people on earth. You can see that in Hong Kong, where you have basically a barren rock that was the grit determination of the Chinese people and with English Common Law they’ve turned it into the third greatest capital market in the world.”

“In China though we have the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] that’s radical, conquering the rest of the country. [In] the country of 1.4 billion people, only 90 million are in the communist party. No one else in the country actually has any property rights on any land – they essentially work as slaves.”

“The CCP is the sworn enemy of America. The decline of America came through essentially Wall Street and corporatists shipping our manufacturing jobs to Asia. In the upper midwest, that kind of depression and angst where the drugs, the fentanyl, came in.”

“That’s why President Trump, when he would go up there and talk about bringing the jobs back, that’s why he won Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa. Because blue collar Democrats are the ones that voted for him in those areas.”

Remember, [China has] been running an economic war against the West for about 20/25 years. That has a trade aspect to it, it has a currency aspect to it, it has a capital markets aspect to it, and principally it has a technology aspect to it.”

“What we want to be is on the side of the Chinese people. The Chinese people’s rise to freedom against this totalitarian dictatorship is going to be the great geopolitical event of the first half of the twenty-first century. If we’re on the right side of history and back freedom and democracy, we will be looked at as the leaders in breaking this hegemony that’s trying to go off the walls.”

Bannon also focused in on the impeachment process, stating: “I think as we go through this, hearings and all this, the positive thing is we are going to have – which I think this whole thing is about – a policy debate between the apparatus and Trump. It’s going to be a full and frank discussion over America first national security policy. I think it will reinforce the people’s belief in and understanding of President Trump.”

Earlier Bannon explained what America first national security policy meant: “America first national security policy does not mean America isolationist, it does not mean America alone. It’s actually a very sophisticated thing that President Trump has come up with. What it means is that we’re not an imperial power, and this is kind of what we’ve been acting like for the last 20 or 30 years with this kind of globalist mentality.”

When asked on poll numbers regarding impeachment, Bannon referenced a Rasmussen poll stating 50 per cent of Americans want to see President Trump impeached and removed from office. He explains why the number of Americans is so large:

Nancy Pelosi, whether you like her ideology or not, she is a master in political warfare and political disinformation warfare. From September 24th until last week, she had free shots on goal… She had five weeks of strategic leaks… and the weaponization of the hearings. That had a big impact.”

“I think you’re going to see that the fever was broken by Matt Gaetz going down to the SCIF and showing the American people that this was a Star Chamber. And then it forced the first time Pelosi had to call an audible. She changed direction and now has the public hearings.”

“With this impeachment, [Democrats have] tried to nullify President Trump’s election since the early morning hours of November 9th, 2016 when he won.”