On Episode 37 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller reviewed recent polls that show which news networks independents are tuning into.

Kassam began: “The people who we are trying to reach, or that President Trump is trying to reach, on the messaging are not necessarily watching Fox News. Well that’s not actually entirely true.”

“Six per cent of independents say they watch CNN. Five per cent of independents say they watch MSNBC. And  six per cent of independents say they watch public television. So that’s about seventeen percent all in all”

Twenty-two per cent of independents say they get their news from Fox News.

“Wow,” Bannon interjected.

Kassam continued: “Thirty-one percent of independents say they watch network news – NBC, ABC, CBS. And the rest are either ‘others’ or ‘don’t knows.'”

“So over fifty per cent are either Fox [News] or the broadcast networks. That also shows you: it’s been bad for years but under Trump they’ve been so hardcore left. It’s a Democratic audience,” Bannon said.

“Yeah,” Miller agreed. “And a lot of times it’s not even good product. I mean when you hear, literally: ‘this person really really really hates Trump,’ ‘this person hates Trump,’ ‘this person kind of hates Trump’ – that’s not good TV, that’s not a good panel. And people where they maybe look to certain channels to be the true down the middle, now they look and say, ‘you know what, I don’t want to hear these guys just bash [Trump]. At least give me somewhat down the middle.'”

“Fox looks at the new dynamic that they own down the middle and everything to the right. That’s where you’re seeing a little bit of the shift in Fox.”

Bannon said: “It’s not as obviously conservative as it used to be. They’ve gone to the middle and that’s a business strategy. Thinking that all these other great networks are small, are starting to be emerging growth but [Fox has] got this dominant position so they’ll just come to the center. And it looks like it’s paying off. I mean you’ve got twenty percent of the independents saying they’re getting their news from Fox.”

Kassam added: “I’m not going to claim that I suspected that would be the case… I thought that it would be much more of a fair shake for CNN and MSNBC but it’s just simply not.”