“[Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s] testimony first hand from the President has been exculpatory: ‘tell the truth and there is no quid pro quo, I want you to know that,'” David Urban, senior advisor on the 2016 Trump campaign in Pennsylvania explains on War Room: Impeachment Episode 19, encouraging Republicans to get granular.

War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam added: “Even when you look back at [William] Taylor’s testimony from yesterday, look at the transcript from yesterday, he basically says, ‘look, all of this information I’ve been telling you came from a third party or third hand source.’ He says ‘I believed what Sondland told me at the time,’ he said ‘ I had no problem with [Rudy] Giuliani at the beginning’ – it’s all over the place.”

“The President says read the transcript. I agree, read the transcript. Tim Morrison and others say ‘listen, I don’t agree with the policy, but he did nothing illegal,'” Urban furthers.

“You’re saying the granularity and substance,” host Stephen K. Bannon clarified. “The President’s substance, substance, substance.”

“I say get granular,” Urban continued. “What the President did on the transcript, number one it’s not illegal, and number two it’s not something you would remove a sitting President for.”

“I keep asking the question: show me something that is going to cause a Senator to vote to remove this President.”

Bannon emphasized: “Granular, and facts, and substance is all what’s going to get the President through this.”

“There’s an old saying that feelings aren’t facts,” Urban added. “You can feel a certain way, but the facts are what they are.”

“To what was said earlier, you know what Mr. [William] Taylor said yesterday: ‘what I know for sure what Mr. [Tim] Morrison told me that he must have heard Ambassador Sondland tell Mr. [Andrey] Yermak.'”

Urban added: “It’s like a game of telephone: I heard, I heard, I heard.”