“Is Matt Gaetz right: do you need the killers?” Stephen K. Bannon asked Senior Advisor on the 2016 Trump Campaign in Pennsylvania David Urban on Episode 19 of War Room: Impeachment.

“Do you need Zeldin? Do you need Meadows? Do you need Jordan? Guys who are sophisticated in media and know how to make news no CNN – I love Fox, but not just Fox. Guys who can go on CNN and MSNBC and take it to Rachel Maddow, take it to Brian Williams and these guys.”

“Steve, you’re exactly right,” Urban responded. “This is played out in the media in thirty second soundbites. And if you can’t adequately present your case in the time it takes to get from the first to the third floor in an elevator, you’re not going to make the news. They’re going to parse it, it’s not going to be done correctly. You need killers.”

“You’re saying to pierce the wall of noise,” Bannon said.

“Here’s what people hear…they just hear white noise,” Urban furthered.

“If this is the best the Democrats have, what they’ve produced thus far, I don’t see how that moves the needle. Show me something. Give me some testimony thus far that gives a Senator [confidence to] say ‘yeah, I’m going to overturn the will of the people.'”

“This is a different animal right now. The President’s in grave danger,” Urban warned. “Listen, the House is moving to impeach only the third President in the history of the United States.”

“That’s why I still don’t think our movement understands the urgency of this situation,” Bannon emphasized. “They’re moving down a path, sometime before Christmas, to bring at least two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of justice. They’ve got the votes.”