On Episode 19 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Dave Urban, senior advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign in Pennsylvania and chief of staff for Senator Arlen Specter during the Clinton impeachment trial explains the differences between impeachment proceedings in the House and the Senate.

Urban explains the eventual shift from the House to the Senate:

“The circus that is the House, this process, lack of process, or perceived process by the House gets very very serious the moment they vote articles of impeachment. The Senate fancies themselves the greatest deliberative body in the world. At least back then they took that title very seriously.”

To host Stephen K. Bannon, they were more “courtly,” and Urban contends the Senate is merely “a more mature version of the house, unfortunately.”

Urban suggests that witnesses should be pressed on their views of Obama’s policies toward Ukraine if House Republicans have the chance to cross-examine witnesses.

Bannon asks why the right to cross-examination in the House is undetermined.

“We’ll see how these public hearings are going to play out. If Rep. Jim Jordan and others are going to be able to ask really pointed questions, like where were you when the Obama administration was handing out blankets?”

Bannon emphasizes how “people don’t understand that the trial is actually a trial” with “serious lawyers, serious people, and evidentiary basis.” He adds, “this is as serious as it can possibly get.”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “This goes from the food fight to real deal law and order.”