On Episode 62 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller was joined by Peter Navarro, the Assistant to the President as well as the Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, to discuss the economy and the opportunity costs of the impeachment proceedings.

Miller asked: “With this impeachment witch hunt that’s going on, what are the opportunity costs? What are Americans missing out on that we could be doing if we weren’t dealing with this nonsense?”

Navarro responded: “A great concept in economics is basically the cost of not doing something because you’re doing something else… I’ve called this impeachment kind of the Jerry Seinfeld impeachment: it’s about nothing. You think about the evidentiary record, it’s like Gertrude Stein’s Oakland: ‘there’s no there, there.’”

“This week is going to be critical for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement. President Trump did his job. He promised back in June of 2016 he would renegotiate NAFTA. He’s done that. He’s got a deal that would transform the North America into the manufacturing hub of the world with the United States and Detroit at the center of that universe. This is a great deal and it’s sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk for a year now. And if we don’t get this to the finish line in this week, it’s going to be really, really hard.”

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“I think that the single biggest mistake of Pelosi’s time as Speaker, when the history books look at it, will be her delaying this USMCA vote,” Miller asserted. “If she had just passed this thing earlier this year, USMCA didn’t have the same name ID level that it does now. It wasn’t something that everyone necessarily knew how it would impact them, how it would impact their families. But by delaying this [it’s] allowing USMCA to become really the poster child of the opportunity cost for what’s going on.”

Miller elaborated: “She’s going to make this an election year victory for President Trump. Odds are it doesn’t actually formally go in until 2020. So she’s pushed that into election year where voters- it’s much more on the front part here. But it’s elevated this to the point where her members are going home every single week to be getting killed at these town halls saying ‘why don’t you pass USMCA?’ And if she had just passed this a year ago, or a little less than a year ago, she wouldn’t be in this problem.”

“The freshman Democrats in the Trump-leaning districts: those are going to be the casualties of Nancy Pelosi’s war against the USMCA,” the Assistant to the President affirmed. “I think she’s made a tremendous miscalculation here… If she refuses to put this on the floor it will prove she hates this president more than she loves this country… All fifty states benefit [from the USMCA]. This is being held up by one person: Nancy Pelosi. All she needs to do is put it on the floor of the House of Representatives. It will pass overwhelmingly. Within two days it will pass in the Senate. So this could be done this week.”

“If she wanted to,” Miller added.

Later in the show, the Miller and Navarro also discussed other large opportunity costs: infrastructure and the budget.

“I think the drug pricing issue is the purest expression of opportunity cost,” Navarro said. “Because with a bill like prescription drugs, it really takes time on the legislative calendar for everybody to work together on it. If they’re using that time on the impeachment circus instead of legislating- but this is up to a trillion dollars in savings combined for our government and out senior citizens. This is no small deal.”

“There’s one other thing on these opportunity costs I would like to raise: we don’t have a budget for 2020. We don’t have a budget.”

“Critical detail,” Miller emphasized.

Navarro later added: “Since Nancy Pelosi took over speaker there’s not sense of policy anymore. It’s just pure politics, it’s just pure attack, it’s pure impeachment.”