Jason Miller, War Room cohost and communications director of the 2016 Trump campaign, joined the Hill TV on Friday to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Trump’s presidency.

“Think of where we are right now,” Miller said. “We literally have a population the size of France that is quarantined at this very moment in China.”

This is a true global pandemic,” he emphasized.

“The November 2020 election could be a decision on who is best to keep us safe in the face of this coronavirus: Sanders or Trump. That could be the ultimate decision, as much as we talk about the economy and other things.”


“There definitely have been some mistakes,” Miller said of governments’ handling of the coronavirus. “It’s important to keep in mind: the entire world was not ready for this. Yes, the U.S. has made some mistakes. Every country has made mistakes in this… No government was ready for this.

He emphasized that this pandemic is “very much about the overall economy, because this is what makes a wartime president… We’re now in a twenty-first century war.”