On Episode 72 of War Room: Impeachment, host Jason Miller outlines all of President Trump’s accomplishments this week: from trade to the economy to judges, it was a historic week.

Miller describes how “The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the Associated Press all have stories saying how great and historic of a week it was for President Trump.”

For President Trump to receive praise from mainstream outlets, it shows how monumental his accomplishments were.

Here’s how:

First, “Last Friday’s explosive job numbers.” […] 42% higher than expected showing Wall Street got it wrong again.” And it’s all thanks to President Trump. 

Second, “USMCA agreement announced,” a demonstrable benefit to all Americans.

Third, “President Trump has 10,000 people plus pack an arena [at his Hershey, PA rally] with thousands more outside.”

Fourth, President Trump had the “50th federal appeals judge confirmed.” In contrast, “Obama only had 55 [judges] overall in 8 years. We have 50 in 3 years.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: it’s “another person in their 40’s or 50’s. That means they are going to be around for 30 years […] This is going to save the republic.”

Fifth, “President Trump signed an anti-Semitism [focused] Executive Order.

Sixth, President Trump reworked the “National Defense Authorization Act” so “Space Force actually has money now.”

Seventh, “12 week paid parental leave” was also accomplished, a central component of Ivanka Trump’s agenda in the White House.

Bannon adds: “If you want to have better family formation, earlier family formation you have to have this in there.”

Eighth, “Phase one of the China deal was announced; however, we have a long ways to go on that.”

Ninth, “POTUS was cheered wildly at the Army/Navy game” disproving the “president has lost the military.”

And what do the Democrats have to show?

A congressman  who *changed his party* to the GOP because of impeachment.

Two very weak articles of impeachment.

At least two Democrats voting against those articles of impeachment.

31 freshman members of Congress who have to decide whether or not to commit political suicide by voting for impeachment.