President Trump announced the death of ISIS founder and leader al-Baghdadi’s today, with a White House briefing scheduled for 9am EST.

Sunday is typically a slower day for political news. The Sunday shows use this time to recap the week, establish opinionized narratives, and tee up news for the week, spun with the angles they want their audiences to believe.

Trump delaying his appearance until 9:20AM cut into the crucial shows.

CNN, for example, had their State of the Union show shaken up – something they were clearly agitated by as they changed the chyron (text on the lower third of the screen) from ‘awaiting Trump’ to a non-story about how House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff was not briefed on the U.S. Delta Force operation.

War Room Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon explained how while middle America may not be likely to tune into Sunday morning shows due to church or work, in places such as Washington, D.C. “Sunday shows are high church.”

Stomping on the Sunday shows fits right in line with a more aggressive communication strategy from the White House, something that has been strongly advocated for on War Room: Impeachment.

Co-host Raheem Kassam discussed some benefits: “When Clinton was being impeached he got on with the business of government… the president was still focusing on keeping the country safe, keeping the economy going, doing the things the president is supposed to do.”

Al-Baghdadi’s death can be used to highlight how Trump is moving forward with the business of government through the impeachment nonsense: “Trump is painting a picture of a U.S. president who is not messing around on the foreign stage as the media and Democrats are portraying him. It gives the American people a cause to believe the Commander-in-Chief is getting things done.”

“In the control rooms at CNN and NBC and ABC – their heads are blowing up right now. This is not what they wanted Sunday morning to be,” Bannon explained. “They wanted Sunday morning to be a complete beat down of the testimony they have leaked, they have tweeted out. They’ve taken special small things from this testimony, weaponized it, leaked it out. And that’s what these Sunday shows were going to be, was just a litany of ‘orange man bad’: that President Trump is evil, he’s incompetent, and he’s impeachable.”

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