On Episode 117 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam highlights a Washington Post article which debunks the mainstream media’s narrative not only on Lev Parnas but impeachment as a whole.

Thanks to this article, democracy *did not* die in darkness.

Kassam describes the narrative pushed by establishment media outlets that Episode 117 pushes back on: “We heard last night on Rachel Maddow and on Anderson Cooper Lev Parnas saying this all came from the top, the president knew, the vice president knew, AG Barr was implicated, everybody was implicated in what Rachel Maddow framed as a “conspiracy” last night.”


However, this contradicts the mainstream media’s own account of a 2018 America First PAC dinner where the effort that set in motion the ongoing impeachment inquiry” began:

During the 2018 dinner, Parnas has told associates, he and Fruman told Trump that Yovanovitch was unfriendly to the president’s interests, people familiar with his account have said.

Kassam breaks down the significance: “Here’s Lev Parnas nearly 2 years ago admitting to the fact that he was the one who was pushing this into the president’s ear.”

Adding, “He’s the one saying he told Trump at the dinner the US ambassador to Ukraine was “unfriendly” to the president, not the other way around.”

Another major takeaway?

Kassam emphasizes: “All of this hinges on Marie Yovanovitch. There’s nothing to do here with Burisma.”

This “effort” – the genesis of impeachment according the MSM – had nothing to do with launching an investigation into the Bidens and everything to do with President Trump removing an unelected career bureaucrat who had a different, swamp-sanctioned vision for foreign policy, exactly what the American people elected him to do.