War Room: Impeachment host Steve Bannon appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box this morning to discuss the exoneration of President Donald Trump.

Speaking to CNBC hosts, Bannon described the current status of the impeachment process as “all a show trial now in the House,” noting that the real “action moves to the Senate”.

Bannon stated the decision now is between “an acquittal and exoneration,” and noted that “an exoneration means a full trial,” rather than a quick dismissal.

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While establishment Republicans like Mitch McConnell want a quick dismissal to help neuter President Trump, the President himself is likely to want a full exoneration and a long trial.

“He’s going to look to be exonerated,” said Bannon.

“His followers believe that what he did was correct. It’s what he was hired to do.”

“The Democrats were hoping the numbers would move against the President.”

Lastly in the clip below, Bannon remarked that a major error made by Speaker Pelosi was holding up the new USMCA trade deal.

“Holding USMCA to right after you impeach him signals this thing has been on your desk for one year and we lost one year of benefit to the American people.”