On Episode 90 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon compares President Trump to ‘Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan’, focusing on how they disrupted the administrative state’s established manner of conducting foreign policy.

He explains: “People say President Trump is so disruptive. Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan only look like uniters in the hindsight of history. At the time, they’re there, they’re total disruptors. They take the country to the next level. They are disruptors. At the time, they’re hated and vilified.”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “[President Trump’s] election was about upsetting the status quo in Washington, and as you saw the witnesses come through for all these House hearings, everyone had the same exact background. They had the same school of thought, the same professors, the same internships.”

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Bannon points to Reagan’s relationship with the apparatus and draws a parallel to President Trump’s: “If you remember Reagan back in the 80’s putting nuclear weapons into Western Europe, everything he did to bring down the Soviet Union, he was detested by many of the people that are going up today and cheering the apparatus.”

He also points to a coup against Lincoln, noting the similarities with the efforts to undermine President Trump: “Before President Trump, the first coup that was ever tried in the United States was in the late Summer of 1862 with General McClellan and his staff and President Lincoln. […] when the administrative state, the apparatus, or the military industrial complex thought that it knew better than a duly-elected commander in chief that had his own views about things.”

Bannon notes: “There’s something interesting parallels we’re hoping to dive into this weekend or next week.”