On Episode 125 of War Room: Impeachment co-host Raheem Kassam dives into the crosstabs of a new CNN poll the Democrats and mainstream media are extolling. 

Host Stephen K. Bannon summarizes: “The crosstabs are much stronger for the president.”

Kassam highlights certain areas where approval of President Trump’s performance has experienced an unprecedented yet not unexpected surge:

Approval of President Trump’s handling of the economy is up from 49% to 55% from 2017 to today.

Similarly, approval of his approach to foreign trade has risen from 38% to 45% since 2018.

Comparable gains were found in approval of President Trump’s handling of terrorism, rising from 44% to 49% since 2017.


Concerning Iran, recent actions spiked his approval rating from 32% to 42% just over the last year. 

Perhaps the most significant crosstab is how well President Trump is outperforming former presidents, namely Obama, on the question “How well are things going in the country today?

Over half the country – 55% – say “very or fairly well.”

Kassam adds: “You can go back through the timeline, back to 2013, 2016, 2017, you can see the improvement from the Obama years. It knocks up and up and up and now it’s at its peak.”

President Trump’s policies are inspiring optimism in Americans – a stunning shift from the political establishment’s ‘managed decline.’

It’s clear: “On his actions, [Democrats] are getting smoked.”