On Episode 34 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and guest Rep. Jim Banks discuss a major opportunity cost of impeachment: the passage of United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). 

Rep. Banks knows first-hand how beneficial passing this legislation would be: “There is nowhere in America that would benefit as much as Northeast Indiana when we pass the USMCA.”

He continues: “My district has the most manufacturing jobs per capita of any district in the country. It’s also very rural, so every time I go home, USMCA is not in the weeds it’s on the minds and tongues of my constituents everywhere I go because farmers know it opens up better trade opportunities with Canada and Mexico and all of the major manufacturing companies know that they’ll be able to pay their workers more and create more good paying jobs.”

Bannon also addresses the international benefits of USMCA: “Plus strategically it was always set up to be the geo-strategic manufacturing base to oppose China. The president would have had more leverage in the China negotiations if the House had moved quicker.” 

He asks: “In congress, why is it held up right now? You’re not hearing anything about it.[…] Why is Nancy Pelosi sitting on it?”

Rep. Banks believes “Pelosi is holding it up [because] it is such a big win for this president that she cannot afford politically for it to come through.”

Bannon adds: “We can’t allow Trump’s election to be undone for the good of the country.”