On Episode 13 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff, and host Stephen K. Bannon address the implications of the House’s Thursday vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry.

The major takeaway? The only bipartisan vote yesterday was to say no to impeachment.

Priebus remarks: “If this process stays partisan, it’s a wash. If anything, he can actually win if it stays partisan. It’s confusing to people out there across the country and it looks like he can’t get a fair shake.”

Bannon also adds how it represented Republicans coming together, much like they did in the 2016 election:  “This is how we won; we pulled everybody together. This is the key thing. It’s unity and yesterday that vote, we have to have the establishment part of this, the populist-nationalist part of this, the limited government conservative party of this, and the Rand Paul and Senator Paul libertarians. This is where we all have got to pull together. This is how we won 2016.”