On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon asks if today’s hearings corroborate a central theme of the show, how “this was going to be a policy debate between the permanent political class on Ukraine and Russia vs. America First.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam answers: “It was the very first thing that came out today. When you saw the dejected faces of the Democrats when Kent and Taylor gave their opening statements today. It was entirely hinged on foreign policy differences. It was entirely hinged on the distinction between what had happened under the Obama administration, which of course the Republicans seized upon because it wasn’t the Obama administration that was sending anti-tank javelin missiles, they were sending blankets.”

He highlights another difference: “It was also the distinction between the way things had been done in the past and how this administration is somewhat disruptive to that.” Adding, “Remember, that’s what people voted for in 2016.”

Co-host Jason Miller agrees: “This is what we’ve been saying for weeks on this program, and it’s good to see our Hill allies, the White House, the RNC, everybody now rowing in the right direction.”

He continues: “What we saw today was these two men voicing their opinion, their foreign policy world views. We saw over and over how they openly disagreed with President Trump, their Commander in Chief about what direction we should take.”

Specifically, “We saw someone like Taylor who oversaw US aid to former Soviet republics for an entire decade in the 90’s saying how he thought things should go. We saw someone like Kent, whose complete gone native. He’s no longer an objective player. He’s now an advocate for Ukraine policy.

To Miller, overall, “Were seeing very much opinions that are driving this.”