Coronavirus Drive-Thru Comes to Seattle, Washington; Gates Foundation Preps At-Home Tests

KIRO7 reports that the University of Washington is replicating drive-true coronavirus testing stations that we’ve seen pop up in other nations. SEATTLE — The University of Washington is rapidly expanding its ability to test people for COVID-19. A drive-thru testing site is already up and running at UW Medical in North Seattle that can test 40 […]

More Deaths in Washington State; Fauci Warns Coronavirus Is Likely “Pandemic Proportions”

Seattle-Tacoma’s KING 5 News reports the following: Six people have died and a total of 18 people in King and Snohomish counties have tested positive for 2019 novel coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, in Washington state. Dozens of other people are being tested or monitored. Key facts: A total of 18 people have tested positive for […]

Two cases of coronavirus found in Washington state nursing home

The Washington Examiner’s Kimberly Leonard reports: Two cases of coronavirus found in Washington nursing home A skilled nursing facility in Washington state reported that at least two people have the coronavirus, and state officials say other residents are reporting similar respiratory symptoms. The development, reported on Saturday, is particularly worrisome because scientists say that coronavirus […]


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