David Bossie: Democrats committing political suicide with Trump impeachment – It will live in infamy

David Bossie: Democrats Committing Political Suicide with Impeachment

Unhinged House Democrats cemented their shameful place in history Friday as the Judiciary Committee approved two extraordinarily weak articles of impeachment against President Trump – without a single Republican vote.

Bossie: Impeachment is a Dem Hoax to Block Trump Reelection

This week – for the first time in American history – a presidential candidate debate and a presidential impeachment hearing were held on the same day. While one is supposed to be an official proceeding of the U.S. government and the other a political gathering, the two events are inextricably linked. Watching House Intelligence Committee […]

Fox News, David Bossie: Impeachment case against Trump is falling apart – Democrats want to hurt him in 2020 election

The supposedly devastating case for the impeachment of President Trump that partisan Democrats have been hyping in endless media interviews began falling apart Wednesday as the House Intelligence Committee opened its televised witch hunt against the president.

‘Bombshell Evidence’ in Taylor’s Testimony is a Dud

On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment David Bossie, former deputy manager of the 2016 Trump campaign, joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller to discuss the most recent information that emerged during the impeachment hearings. 

Bossie: Trump Had ‘Clear Cut Victory’ in First Impeachment Hearings

On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller were joined by David Bossie, deputy campaign manager of the Trump 2016 campaign, to discuss the first public impeachment hearings.

Episode 16: David Bossie and Ed Pozzuoli on the Whistleblower’s Identity

Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam are joined by former Trump campaign manager David Bossie as well as constitutional lawyer Ed Pozzuoli to discuss the so-called “whistleblower’s” identity, as well as Trump/White House, and Republican tactics on the impeachment process.