CNN unintentionally proves a central theme of War Room: Impeachment: voters in swing districts don’t support this impeachment inquiry against President Donald J. Trump.

CNN’s Evan McMorris-Santoro visits Penobscot County, Maine, a “pivot county” that voted for President Obama twice but President Trump in 2016.

The main takeaway?

As McMorris-Santoro describes, “They don’t agree on politics […] but a shared sense that the roiling political debate in Washington is political shenanigans.”

While interviewing 4 voters – a Republican, 2 Democrats, and an Independent, – it’s clear that none of them overwhelmingly support impeachment, emphasizing the opportunity cost.

One of the self-identified Democrats says: “I actually voted for a Democrat. I just wish that Washington would get back to doing what they’re supposed to do. Why are they wasting all this time trying to impeach somebody?”

McMorris-Santoro talks to another Democrat voter, inquiring about how to balance pursuing impeachment while protecting freshman Democrats’ vulnerable congressional seats. 

Even though she “wants to remove this president very badly,” she also “wants to hold on to the gains in this district,” citing how Democratic candidate Jared Golden almost flipped it blue.

McMorris-Santoro continues: “Do you think it would be easier for you to do that if Democrats were spending less time trying to impeach the president right now.”

She responds: “I would like us to be paying a whole lot of attention to things that matter: jobs, healthcare, the school system, etc. Do I think he should probably be impeached? Probably. But we still need to run the country.”

In other words, swing state voters, even Democrats, are recognizing the opportunity costs of impeachment. 

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