Episode 79 of War Room: Impeachment breaks down Rep. Abigail Spanberger’s speech during the House impeachment debate.

She was the first of the ‘Dirty 30’ – freshman Democrats elected to districts President Trump won –  to speak during the debate.

Thank you, Madam Speaker. I rise today in support of House Resolution 755. As a CIA case officer, I used to meet with foreign nationals who were providing vital intelligence to help inform our hardest national security decision and keep our country safe. These individuals from countries where leaders abused their power and defied the rule of law risked imprisonment and often their very lives in order to provide the United States with information to help us to inform us. But why? It was their belief in the United States, their belief in our country, the longest standing democracy in the world, our country, a beacon of hope in the world, a democratic republic founded on a document and the belief in the rule of law and a belief in its people. Today I am proud to serve in the people’s house representing my hometown and again serving our country, that beacon of hope in the world. And today, especially today, I reflect on the founding documents that have set us apart in the world leading people across generations and across the world to risk everything because of their belief in our great nation. Today, especially today, I affirm my commitment to upholding and protecting the Constitution, the rule of law it defines, and the people it governs.

Host Stephen K. Bannon admits it’s a “pretty dramatic speech that calls back her service to the country in the CIA and connects it to foreign dictatorships.”

However, it falls flat on providing an evidentiary basis to support impeachment: “But she still didn’t say anything about the evidence. It may fit overall thematically, but it doesn’t get down to why this is a high crime and misdemeanor. Why do you have to impeach him now? Why is he a clear and present danger.”

Despite her failure to hardwire impeachment into the Constitution, Rep. Spanberger wears a scarf emblazoned with the Constitution.

Host Jason Miller adds: “Democrats were using ‘nobody is above the law.’ What we heard from Congresswoman Spanberger is talking about the rule of law and as someone who is a former CIA caseworker, she should know that the law is very important. Now it might not be if you’re trying to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page. Certain administrative state folks have no regard for that, but the rule of law is very important, and the fact of the matter is President Trump has not had one single piece of evidence shown to his face saying he did anything wrong.”