Dem Rep Admits Helping Keep Soleimani Alive While Friends, Colleagues DIED Because of Him

In a bizarre series of posts on Twitter, Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin has admitted being part of a network that kept Al Quds force leader Qassem Soleimani alive.

Soleimani was recently assassinated by the Trump administration after a multi-decade long terror campaign against the United States and its allies.

Rep. Slotkin (D-MI 8) admitted on January 3rd that despite Soleimani’s contribution to the slaughter of her colleagues and friends, she did not think he was worth targeting.

She wrote:

“As a former Shia militia analyst who served multiple tours in Iraq and worked at the White House under both Presidents Bush and Obama, and later at the Pentagon, I participated in countless conversations on how to respond to Qassem Soleimani’s violent campaigns across the region.

“If you worked on the Middle East over the past 20 years, you dealt with the growing organization and sophistication of Soleimani’s covert and overt military activities, which have contributed to significant destabilization across the region.

“I watched friends and colleagues get hurt or killed by Iranian rockets, mortars and explosive devices that were provided to Iraqi proxies and used against U.S. forces under Soleimani’s guidance.

“We watched as his power increased and he brought strength and capability to groups in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, and to smaller cells around the Middle East and the world, with devastating consequences.

“What always kept both Democratic and Republican presidents from targeting Soleimani himself was the simple question: Was the strike worth the likely retaliation, and the potential to pull us into protracted conflict?

Her full statement on her involvement in keeping the world’s leading terrorist alive can be read here.

Slotkin was one of the Democrat Congressmen who pretended to be undecided on impeachment to save on ire from her constituents. She then voted in favor of it, despite admitting in early December she had not then read the articles of impeachment.

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