On Episode 65 of War Room: Impeachment, Senator Mike Braun forecasts the upcoming Senate trial, suggesting live witnesses may not be involved. 

Sen. Braun provides an overview of the structure of transitioning from the House to the Senate: “The White House is going to want full ability to make their case, so that would beg the question do you have live witnesses, do you get at it immediately. There is a structure in terms of once it’s delivered by House Manager to the Senate where you have to get on it the next day. At that point, since 51 votes will be able to determine the rules especially on timing, my guess is the White House will want to get at it.”

Adding, “the vote in the Senate to start it is going to be on January 6th or 7th.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon asks: “You left it open as a question whether there would even be live witnesses. Where do you think that all stands? The president is the best counter puncher ever. He’s going to want a vigorous defense of himself.”

Sen. Braun responds: “I think that [no live witnesses] would probably be the most careful consideration because it has opportunities and potential pitfalls and it definitely takes it from being succinct to belabored.” 

However, if live witnesses are called, host Jason Miller inquires: “What do you think the realistic odds are of Joe or Hunter Biden being called in as live witnesses?

Sen. Braun responds: “If they go with live witnesses, there’s a distinct possibility that would be the case. Once live witnesses was decided upon, the president would want to bring in some of the folks like them.”

He continues, predicting the timeline of the Senate trial: “The biggest variable is going to be depositions vs. live witnesses. If it is deposition, say it’s the more subdued version of what the trial could be like, [it will take] 10 days to 2 weeks. Some senator will make the motion to move it to a vote, and my gut is that 51 will say yes.”

Sen. Braun expands on how a Ukraine-centered impeachment came about: “This goes back to two years ago when originally started hearing about impeaching the president when there was no reason. They had no foundation other than they wanted to do it, a disruptor coming in and shaking up business as usual. They tainted the process from the get go. When the Mueller Report fell flat, [Democrats] had to calculate is there another vector [they] could use to try to impeach the president. Of course, it’s the Ukraine issue. That was focus grouped and polled all along the way.”

He adds: “no doubt about it.”