On Episode 73 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon broke down the two potential paths impeachment may take when the Senate trial begins: quick acquittal or full exoneration.

“Now that these articles of impeachment are going to be voted on, he’s going to be impeached. We come to a fork in the road,” Bannon said. “He’s going to be acquitted.”

He then explains the two paths the trial may take, the first being a quick acquittal:  “Either the acquittal, which is just the quick and dirty. Which in Doha [Qatar] Lindsey Graham told us he’s going to do and what Mitch McConnell, the master politician in the Senate, wants to do.”

Bannon then explained the second path that could be taken: “Or we’re going to get down in the mud and muck of the House with the Matt Gaetzes, and the Lee Zeldins, and the Jim Jordans, and the Mark Meadows. And we’re actually going to call ‘fact witnesses,’ as Louie Gohmert calls them, and actually have a trial. Go back and bring up the whistleblower, and bring up Hunter and Joe Biden, and bring up Adam Schiff, and bring up all this.”

“In one you’re going to read depositions. In the other you’re actually going to have live people on global TV answering tough questions,” Bannon simplified. “That’s the fork in the road.”