Former White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller to discuss how the Senate blocked out January for impeachment and Pelosi’s kamikaze mission on Episode 59 of War Room: Impeachment.

Kassam said: “The Washington Post put up this morning, and buried right at the bottom of one of their stories, that the Senate’s normal business appears to resume, according to a released schedule, on the first of February. Which means they have blocked the entirety of January for a Senate trial.”

“Is this a kamikaze mission for the Speaker of the House?” Bannon asked. “If she put her entire speakership on the line here to go against Trump?” 

“Yes,” McGinley affirmed. He furthered: “But it tells me she didn’t have a choice, that she faced a revolt in her caucus potentially if she didn’t go forward with this. And now that she has done it, she has put their majority on the line. Because the Democrats in the House are going to be held accountable for the votes that they take and how they conducted themselves.”

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“What’s your assessment of where we stand today, given what she said and going forward,” Bannon prompted McGinley. 

“I think that the Republicans have fought this to a good place,” McGinley responded.  “They have an opportunity to seize the offensive and wrap themselves in the flag, to go on offense in the House. And I think that the way that they do this is to expand the universe to talk about how this is the American system of government that’s at stake. If the House of Representatives, a tyrannical majority in the House is going to be allowed to do this just because you have 218 votes, it has the potential to destabilize the system.”

The former Cabinet Secretary elaborated: “It’s why professor Turley and others came out and said there should be a very high bar for impeachment. Why? Because you’re undoing an election. You are basically disregarding the will of the people and the president that they have selected. And you need to have clear, compelling, convincing evidence – just like [Congressman Will] Hurd said, who said he does not see it.”