I’m a political outsider, and that’s why I’ve been clear that I believe this impeachment is purely a political sham to damage a president they’ve wanted gone since hour one.

But since it became obvious that Democrats would finally move forward with impeachment after orchestrating it for three years, I started to get a question from the media: “How can you speak out about impeachment if you’re going to be a juror in the trial?”

Let’s get this straight now: a Senate impeachment trial is not a court of law. It’s a court of politics.

Courts of law require evidence to go to trial – not opinions from bureaucrats. In a court of law, a defendant has a right to a jury of his peers – in a court of politics, he gets 100 politicians.

If the Senate impeachment trial were a real court, all 100 senators would be removed as jurors for bias for or against the president.


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