On Episode 28 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon asks guest Senator Mike Braun “Why is it so hard for Republican senators besides yourself and a couple of others to actually get out there and defend President Trump?”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “It’s been crickets.”

Sen. Braun responds: “Because in many cases, they were disrupted when Trump came along, and from the get go, there was a large amount of our party that didn’t like an outsider, didn’t like the fact that when you get here, it is so easy to nestle in and forget about what you said on the campaign trail, forget about your roots, and become part of the system.”

He continues: “That’s the pervasive feeling even in our own conference that you can speak up selectively and you don’t do it comprehensively, and you don’t do it from your core philosophy.

Miller points out how most senators “take this position of we’re the jury we and must be very gentile, very delicate.” Meanwhile, Democrats are relentless in their efforts to impeach. 

Sen. Braun expands, describing the three different approaches taken by Republican senators: 

First, “I’m a juror. I’m going to be quiet. I’m going to see how things transpire.”

Second are senators who “talk about the process. The process is corrupt. It goes back to the roots of when Trump got elected originally”

Third are senators like Sen. Braun who “talk about the pure merits of the case.”

He adds “And when you’re doing that it kind of tells you where you’re at in terms of a believer in the system as it existed, which many in our party fit into that category. Then you’ve got guys like me not calculating things to say based on trying to get reelected or a campaign check.”