On Episode 18 of War Room: Impeachment, pollster Scott Rasmussen addressed last night’s elections in Kentucky, Virginia, and Mississippi. Rasmussen previously appeared on Episode 8 of War Room: Impeachment and host Stephen K. Bannon believes he is “the best pollster out there.”

Rasmussen asserts nothing “changed last night. It confirmed a lot of things we know.”

“We know that President Trump drives up turnout among Democrats,” adding that “this happens in every off-year election.”

The question remains, however, if Republicans can “turn up as well.”

Addressing the Kentucky gubernatorial race between Democrat Andy Beshear and Republican Matt Bevin, Rasmussen thinks “this doesn’t mean Mitch McConnell is in trouble in 2020. This doesn’t mean Donald Trump is in trouble in Kentucky in 2020. There were specific issues in Kentucky.”

Rasmussen continues, suggesting “the larger story right now is not the reality of what happened but its interpretations.”

It “will give Democrats a lot more confidence in pursuing impeachment and other topics. This is something that is going to be seen as making Republicans more nervous and making Democrats more bold and that change in political dialogue is more significant than what we learn from the election itself.”