On Episode 86 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discuss Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s scrambling attempt to find evidence to bolster the case for impeachment prior to the Senate trial. 

Bannon notes how Democrats insisted President Trump was a “clear and present danger,” and used this allegation to justify their inquiry against questions like “What was the rush to judgement? Why was this thing done so quickly? Why did it have to happen so fast? Why did we have to do it 10 times faster than any other impeachment?”.

To Bannon, this begs the question why “we don’t immediately go to the Senate trial.” 

To War Room: Impeachment, it’s evidently because Democrats are trying to bolster their ‘wafer-thin’ impeachment case.

Bannon points to two events this weekend that demonstrate this: “This weekend was a tell. Two things happened. The FOIA request brought up these emails and then John Bolton’s interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios. This goes to show you that the Democrats don’t have a case and what they’re going to try to do is garner up all of this additional information, or try to garner up information. […] I don’t believe [Nancy Pelosi] is going to send the [articles] over the first week of January. I think they realized they have a very weak case and they’re working over the holiday period, the people on the staff haven’t left Washington, and they’re going to try to get as much information as possible and add that to the bill of impeachment.”

He adds: “Democrats are afraid they’re going to be put on trial. If they go forward with the hearsay that is the bulk of what they’ve been able to put together, they’re afraid they’re going to get crushed in the first couple days of the manager’s presentation. What you’re seeing now is just every day trying to come up with additional evidence to bolster this. It’s a whole rush to get marginalia and every piece of marginalia they are going to make like it’s a huge effort.” 

To Kassam, it’s a “permanent quest for ‘new evidence’ alongside a permanent impeachment.”

Miller adds: “Democrats have no clue how they want to prosecute this going forward. It’s a witch hunt in search of a witch.” 

He debunks this so-called ‘new evidence’: “Over the weekend we saw Chuck Schumer come out and jump in on new emails from OMB official Mike Duffey some 90 minutes or so after President Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky asking to put a pause on the aid or further dive into that which conveniently and of course all the lemmings in the mainstream media are chasing after it.”

In contrast, “They’re completely ignoring the Josh Dawsey story from December 12th in the Washington Post where the White House and OMB laid out all of the efforts that were made to put a pause or to further investigate aid to Ukraine going back to June 19th. A full five weeks in advance of the call.”

Bannon adds: “The Josh Dawsey story shows how desperate [Democrats] are when they’ve blown up these emails like they’re some big revelation when the Josh Dawsey story said things like these were being discussed back in early June, but I think it shows the desperation of the Democrats to try and bolster the hearsay.”