On Episode 22 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discuss Rep. Schiff’s decision to block witnesses House Republicans recommended to testify: Hunter Biden, Alexandra Chalupa, David Hale, Tim Morrison, Devon Archer, Nellie Ohr, Kurt Volker, William Taylor, George Kent, and the whistleblower and their sources. 

Bannon asks: “Did Schiff play into the hands of the unfairness of this? Do you believe that the requests of the witnesses were too over the top for Schiff to comply with?”

Miller responds: “I think he did play into our hands on unfairness because by not allowing us to call anybody that just shows this is a one-sided process.”

He also adds: “[Schiff] also said no whistleblower, basically denying President Trump the ability to confront his accuser. The whistleblower and his super creepy attorney Mark Zaid are the ones who concocted this.”

Bannon adds, “I don’t know how you can have these hearings without Hunter Biden.”

Kassam expands upon the relevance of other witnesses named by House Republicans.

Nellie Ohr is “a researcher at Fusion GPS, the opposition firm that helped put together the anti-Trump dossier.”

Alexandra Chalupa is a “Ukrainian-American contractor for the DNC who allegedly met with officials at the Ukrainian Embassy in DC to discuss incriminating information about Trump campaign officials.”

Tim Morrison is “an ex-NSC official who testified privately a couple of weeks ago.” His testimony appeared to “vindicate the president’s actions,” similar to another witness, Kurt Volker. 

Bannon adds “I can’t imagine we could get through this without having Morrison. He absolutely has to come.”

Miller continues: “Morrison is the one who completely exonerated President Trump and said no quid pro quo on the call. Everything on the transcript looked accurate from what he heard as opposed to what Lieutenant Colonel Vindman said.”

Kassam describes how this demonstrates the Democrat’s intention to rig impeachment from start to finish: “The point of the secretive process was to weed out the people who they didn’t think would give the democrats an upper hand in public hearings.”

He asks host Stephen K. Bannon if this unfairness can continue.

Bannon responds, “This is of such monumental importance. We’re forcing the nation into a constitutional crisis over the holiday season because of Ukraine and military aid. That’s not to the center heart of what the nation is doing right now.”

For that reason, “You have to be so overly fair and not look at this as partisan.”