On Episode 41 of War Room: Impeachment, Congressman Andy Biggs and Raheem Kassam discussed the low quality of the witness testimonies. 

Kassam began: “Straight after the Democrat questions Adam Schiff runs out of the room and runs to the cameras and tries to sew the narrative for the day… And today you had Nancy Pelosi jumping in halfway through the day and making commentaries and guiding the CNN, MSNBC narratives herself. Is that because these testimonies do not stand on their own merit?”

“That is exactly right,” Biggs agreed. “They have their presser before hand, they have their witnesses, and then after they’re done with their first tranche they go out and have another presser to remind, and try to clarify, what is typically been very convoluted, weak testimony. Even though it’s been at their own questioning and their own witnesses’ opening statements. It’s weak and confusing so they are trying to clarify it so they can get the message out to their base, maybe drive it, but it hasn’t worked for them.”