Former Congressman Darrell Issa joins Episode 110 of War Room: Impeachment, and calls for Adam Schiff to be recused from the Senate trial.

Issa explains his call for recusal: “One of the things about lawyers that you have to understand is that when they’re conflicted, they’re supposed to step aside. Adam Schiff actually, because he is a fact witness, because he lied, and he’s been proven to be incorrect by the evidence, should actually have to be recused from participation.”

He points to Schiff’s lies: “Adam Schiff, pencil neck as the president likes to call him, he’s the guy that said I’ve got the evidence, I’ve seen it, and Devin Nunes said no, I’ve seen the same evidence, it’s not true. Now we know Devin was telling the truth, and Adam Schiff was lying.”


Adding: “[Schiff] is a complete liability.”

Co-host Jason Miller describes the inherent partisanship of Schiff: “I don’t see for the Democrats how they can have Schiff lead this. He is now so polarized, such a partisan political figure, that every time Adam Schiff gets up there and talks, it’s basically Nancy Pelosi talking herself.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “He’s been the face of this for Democrats.”